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How to lose weight - some helpful tips

February 09, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 20   Category: Health    Views: 1249

Some useful and practical tips to lose weight


Most of us at some stage in our life try to control our weight and keep it steady at the required limit.It is a well known fact that increased weight can cause havoc with our general health paving way to much more serious conditions like cholesterol and heart problems. But, at the same time reducing weight and keeping it at a steady level is one of the most difficult tasks and most individuals try everything possible to do this with little success !

We find many people joining a gym or a a health clinic to shed the unwanted kilos , where they spend a considerable sum of money and drastically reduce 4-5 kilos of body weight under supervision . But, once they are back into their own routine, the weight comes back again in most cases unless they take a lot of care in altering their daily routine and intake .

Taking everything into consideration it is far better to lose weight gradually in the most natural manner than by vigorous workouts and end up with sagging skin and the fear of gaining back the weight , in a matter of short time.

All that is required is a steady determined effort and a few minor changes in our lifestyle.

A few helpful tips that will definitely help in reducing unwanted weight !

1, First of all, it is wise to invest and buy a weighing scale. Once you have one at home the chances are that you will keep checking your weight constantly , makes you aware about your excess weight and this adds as a motivating factor to push you further in taking some positive steps to reduce weight.

2, Include more water and liquids in your diet. Start your day with one or two glasses of water and end your day with a glass of water. Drinking 2 glasses of water before every meal really helps in reducing your food intake naturally .In fact including more liquids like butter milk, clear soups, vegetable and fruit juices in your diet, not only helps helps ypu reduce your weight, it also adds a glow to your skin and hair.

3, Make it a point to eat lots of salads - vegetable and fruit . Eating a bowl of salad before your meal helps in further cutting down on reducing your intake. So, your meal should start with 2 glasses of water and a bowl of salad without any heavy salad dressings, just add a dash of salt,pepper and some lime juice for taste, and you can have whatever meal that has been cooked for the day in small portions .

4, Eat everything in moderation.When you do this everyday at every meal your intake reduces gradually and the result shows in a matter of weeks.This is one of the most helpful tips to reduce. Never stop eating but instead reduce your intake.Once you see positive results and weight comes down, your intake automatically reduces since your stomach space too reduces.

5, Avoid excessive fat, oil and carbohydrates in your diet.Have everything in a balanced manner and in moderation.If possible fried food should be avoided, having said that it is impossible to completely do away with fried food, especially when there are children and other members in your home and one needs to cater to every taste.It would be wiser to take care and eat fried food in very small portions and once the habit is developed it becomes easy to follow it up.

6, Controling diet is only a part of the answer to weight reduction. One also has to have some physical activities to have a balanced weight loss. Going for a brisk walk every day has immense health benefits , so walk your way to good health. Ideally, one should walk for at least 40 - 45 minutes each day for at least 4-5 days a week. One should walk at a brisk pace constantly increasing the pace and swinging both the arms, because a lot of fat gets deposited in the upper arms and this part needs to be toned…

7, Instead of engaging a daily help to do all your household jobs like sweeping and cleaning the floors , looking after the garden and watering the plants and such other jobs , if possible, it is wiser to do at least a few jobs yourself like watering the plants and also hand washing the clothes which is again beneficial for our health. The added exercise further helps you in reducing some more weight , loosens your joints and keeps many other ailments like joint pains and backaches at bay and saves some money in the bargain…It is a matter of being able to reschedule and organise your daily routine to include some of the house work , which no doubt will benefit you a lot in the long run!

8, Be consistent ! Your weight may not reduce drastically within a matter of a week or two weeks , but never give up on your efforts . Ideally, one should reduce one and a half to two kilos of body weight in a matter of 4-6 weeks depending on the effort and also one’s constitution. By being consistent in what you are doing the results are bound to show if you have the patience .

Finally, be positive and think positive and have a goal. Once you set a goal for your weight reduction, that itself acts as an incentive and all that you have to do is work towards achieving that goal. You will automatically work towards realising your target since mentally you have already made up your mind to do so and are motivated to do so !

( http://factoidz.com/helpful-and-easy-tips-to-reduce-weight/ )

Author: Aakash Agarwal        
Posted Date: 05/26/2013    Points:6    

People can indulge in all kind of stuffs Gyms ,sauna, yoga, morning walks and develop good physique but the secret of getting this work for you is by truly indulging yourself in it.

5 steps to pep up your routine:

1. Choose a particular time of the day to follow your routine and never skip .Remember skipping it is quitting it.

2.Get yourself hydrated enough for water is a wonderful liquid.a lot of you will second it.

3.Eat well always that way you can beat the hunger pangs and stuffing extra while idly sitting.

4.Do not only depend on your Instructor or assumed theories learn and search more ways of pushing yourself a step ahead.

5.Get yourself weighed in particular time intervals say week or months to know where are you going with your regime. A good night sleep or nice shower can bring you enough relaxation.

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