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Online games: free games vs. paid games

February 14, 2013  by: hari prasad  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 665

Are you searching for virus free games and are you feeling difficulty to find your favorite game. We can’t trust a stranger and we can’t know whether we are seeing at virus content or a virus free game. Here is a simple guide to know how to find a virus free game.


Are you searching for virus free games and are you feeling difficulty to find your favorite game. We can’t trust a stranger and we can’t know whether we are seeing at virus content or a virus free game. Here is a simple guide to know how to find a virus free game.
If you are looking for a particular game then go to a search engine like Google and type your game name and hit enter. You will see a lot of results about your game. Try to open top 5 links and download them. Before doing this you need to know something about types of games. There are two types of games. One is free games and two is paid games. Here down I give you a brief description of these types.

Free games

Free games are the games which are free for redistribution and anyone can upload these games on internet and can be download by anyone in the world. There is a chance of more people having this game and they would upload on internet. So we have multiple sites to download the game file. Thereby we are having less chances of affected by virus files and we can get virus free games easily. But paid games case is different and we will discuss this below.

For an example take my favorite game “Plants Vs Zombies”. This is a free game and we can get it free on internet. Just search for it and you can see many results.

Paid games

Paid games are the games one can get by paying money to game developers or distributers. These are not free even on internet by law. But paid games are avail on internet now. Here comes the real issue with virus. The hackers aim this situation and they insert their virus code into games which are not free and upload it into internet and they said that the game is free and full version.

So normally the people, who cannot afford amount for their interested game, download this game file and get affected by virus. Take another game like “Angry Birds Rio “and this game asks for a valid license code to make it a full version. So hackers can use this situation as bait and use their virus injected into game patch


Internet is full of strange people and we do not know how we do safe journey in it. We do have questions like can I believe this site or this software or this person. But we need to have some measured precautions like knowing about the site where we are downloading the game files. See the review of the game files given at the page and comment made by who already downloaded the game from that place.


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