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The River is Dying

February 17, 2013  by: Xavier  Points: 5   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 538

I was sad to see the river of my childhood memories drying up. If man does not learn how to take care of his home, the earth, Death is nearer than it is thought to be.


The river is slowly drying
The stream is gradually dying
Do something if you can
While there is time, O man,
Thereâ?Ts no time for buying.
The river is slowly drying.

Urchins are playing cricket
On its sandy bed
Milk sellers have erected
Many a cow shed
Out from the garbage heaps
Disease carriers are flying

Mother Mountain is weeping
To see her daughterâ?Ts plight
Uncaring humans have caused
What a pitiful sight!
Abusing, polluting, assaulting
While the maiden is crying

Do you have to keep on raping
The virgin forests and hills
Does your greed have no end
That cruelly plunders and kills?
Fear, fear, for the Death is near
If selfish trucks carry on plying


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