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How to earn effectively through Google Adsesnse

February 28, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $1.00   Views: 988

Tips on earning successfully through google adsense...


Earning effectively through Google Adsesnse

I was going through several discussions online regarding this subject and one suggestion that was really good was this - to write and promote current topics that are the most searched . There is a good chance that when the adsense ads appear on our blogs , viewers would be interested in clicking the relevant ads too.

As to how to earn effectively and get the maximum benefit out of your google adsense affiliation - This is a million dollar question...Some people are able to get a payout every month from google adsense. But, others have to wait for years to come anywhere close to that amount which is high at 100 dollars!

Getting an adsense affiliation itself is a herculean task.It is not as easy as all that since google adsense can be erratic in its selection process and have many different criteria to come up to their standards like daily views and content in ones blog or articles.

A few tips to bear in mind

1, The best way to earn from adsense is to have good content with well chosen keywords that are highly related.

2,It really helps to take time to research a good topic (basically find some popular topics that lots of people are interested in) - find out what search terms etc people use when searching within that topic then use those search terms (keywords or key phrases) as a basis for your online content and titles etc.

3,Take the time to promote your site - build links to it, submit it to social network sites and be regular with your promotional activities especially if you get paid for page views. The most important thing is to be at it and be regular, it does pay dividends when you incorporate all the tools and also be consistent.

4, You need to have loads of patience - .Once you become more confident and contribute more you also earn more especially so in article writing sites which become a continuous source of income.

5, Content is the king in all our online writing jobs especially article writing and also consistency. When we write more articles, we develop a certain style of writing. Make sure that you write well researched articles that have quality content which would interest the readers.

6, Another way to increase your AdSense income is by placing your AdSense ads at the top most part of your website or blog. When ads are placed right there in front of the visitors eyes when they visit the site or blog, the higher the chance , that they will pay attention to your AdSense ads, and the higher the chance they will be clicked by the visitor.

7, Last but not least - Never click your own ads or try to make tons of false impressions. There are several members who have lost their account because of this. Adsense is very clear and very strict regarding this and they deactivate your account without any fore warning !

If you bear all these points in mind and are regular in uploading quality content on your blog, you can certainly hope to earn well through Google adsense !


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