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Make Your Jewelry Last A Lifetime !

March 04, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.50   Views: 1176

Some tips for taking care of your jewelry..


Your jewelry can last you a life time if you take care of it. Every woman ( these days men too) loves her jewelry collection. But precious ornaments need looking after to last you a life time. Here are some pointers on how you can keep them shining forever.

When You Buy

1, Make sure that you insist on having a bill for any and all jewelry you buy.

2, Don’t accept jewelry in pouches since they cause gold pieces to brush against each other and result in scratches. Make sure that they are given to you in individual boxes.

3, Ask your jeweler for a guarantee card which promises service and regular cleaning of the pieces. Many jewelers do this at no extra cost !

4, Try and get a cleaning cloth, synthetic chamois or chamois leather to clean gold or diamond jewelry.

5, Invest in a cleaning liquid that is gentle on the metal. There are quite a few available in the market.

Taking Care

1, It is a good idea to insure your jewelry given the kind of break ins we hear about. Even bank lockers get burgled these days !

2, If you want to keep your precious metals at home, use a safe that is really safe ! Make an inventory of all the items regularly.

3,Photograph your jewelry, especially the large items. A photograph of you wearing the piece at an occasion will also work as evidence/clue in tracing it if stolen.

4,Keep all jewelers guarantee cards and bills together in a safe. This comes in handy when you want to sell or exchange your jewelry.

5, In the event of a theft, inform the local police and then file a complaint with your states jewelers association, which helps track down stolen jewelry.

Wear it right

Many a times , we hear of ladies losing a screw or a small piece of jewelry while trying it on simply because they did not take enough care.

So, make sure that you try it on sitting on a sofa/bed while wearing it or trying it on. When you wear a earring with complicated links do so in front of a mirror. If there is a wash basin cover the hole with a thick towel so that , even if the earring slips from your hand it won’t fall through the drain hole.

Always remember to put on your make up before wearing your jewelry, because a coat of liquid make up or powder or rouge can dull your gold jewelry.

Make sure to protect your jewelry from hair spray, perfumes, nail polish and nail polish removers. Pearls should be kept a mile away from nail polish as the acetone in the polish could wipe out the outer coat of the pearl thereby reducing its sheen and value!


Here are some Do’s and Dont’s that need to be kept in mind while taking care and maintaining your precious possession.

1, While cleaning jewelry use a soft cloth, chamois leather or a gentle soap liquid or a cleaning liquid that is commercially available. Gold jewelry can even be cleaned by dropping it into a bowl of boiling hot water , into which a soda bicarbonate has been added. Leave it for half a minute till all the grease and grime falls away and remove and gently wipe each piece with a soft cloth until it becomes completely dry.

2, Antique jewelry must be wiped with a soft cloth. If they are broken, get them repaired by a professional jeweler.

3, Keep jewelry in a box with a soft velvet or satin lining so that it does not get scratched . Keep each item separately .Even if you need to put smaller items in one single box make sure that you wrap them separately in butter paper and store them.

4, Wipe each piece of jewelry with a clean cloth both before and after using it , before storing it away.

5, If you are storing Jewelry in a locker, make sure that you wrap it in cellophane and then in a piece of cloth and then place it in its box just to make sure that the jewelry is protected from iron oxide material in the metal locker.

6, If you have the habit of bathing with your jewelry on ( the ones that you wear daily like the earrings, mangal sutra or a chain and rings) make sure that they get thoroughly cleaned and free of soap after bath.


1, Don't jumble jewelry into a small container so that they get cramped and even lose their original shape.

2, Never mix costume jewelry with 22K and other gold ornaments since they tend to tarnish or cause discoloration.

3, Don’t use any abrasive liquids or solutions to clean your jewelry instead use a mild toilet soap to clean the crevices and use a soft bristled tooth brush in gentle strokes so as not to scratch the surface.

4, Don’t use force while putting on bangles, rings etc either on your self or small children. The ornament can go out of shape or even break since gold is a soft metal. Make sure that you pick the right size that fits well or buy adjustable bracelets for children. Body temperature tends to change and later the shape and color over a period of time.

5, Don’t boil jewelry for a long period of time with the intention of getting it cleaned. Chances are that the jewelry goes out of shape and looses its natural sheen. Get it polished through a certified jeweler or clean the surface with a clean soft cotton cloth .

Author: kalyani        
Posted Date: 04/27/2013    Points:2    

Excellent tips for preserving our jewellery, after reading your article I have realised that I am just a bit too careless when handling my pieces of jewellery. Thanks a lot, I will be more careful and take better care or my jewellery!

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