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Our Dreams - what do they tell us ?

March 11, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1112

Dreams are nothing but images pertaining to our day today experiences stored in the sub conscious mind....


Is it possible to recollect dreams ?

Most people say that they can't remember or recollect their dreams no matter how hard they try to recollect the memory of it and if the more they do that , even the small traces of the dream that was lingering is lost. We dream of many different things each night. This is a natural process for everyone. However, we can see that there is very little that stays in our memories. Sometimes we are able to remember certain dreams very clearly even after years. But most of the time , the more we try to remember holding on to something that is a very vague memory, it just vanishes , the more you try to remember the farther it goes out of your mind.There are times when you actually feel that you have the vague memory of a dream and when you begin to think and get a clear picture about it, it has gone completely out of your mind !

When we try and analyse our dreams , we see that most of them that can be remembered are in bits and parts, never being a complete picture . But I remember a few very clearly even to this day may be because of the impact it made on me. .I have also read that when you wake up halfway through a dream you tend to remember it.

As to how much of our dream we will be able to recall is based upon which part of our REM ( Rapid eye movement sleep) cycle we wake up from, some parts of the REM cycle dont allow you to remember anything and you think you don't dream, even though we are always dreaming. Once we sleep the sub conscious takes over and becomes active and it is like an exercise where the all the stored images become active and form their own pattern.


Some tricks that help in remembering our dreams

There are some tricks that psycho analysts recommend to help remember your dreams.

1, First of all, when you wake up, start writing all the dreams you do remember however small it may seem. This is how dream analysis is made in psychoanalytical labs and it helpful to first write some keywords and then going back and writing it out more clearly and completely. This way, you will not forget your dream as you are trying to write it down.

2, Secondly, before you go to sleep, remind yourself of the intention to remember your dreams. This is called auto suggestion and it is a well known fact that mind control is possible only when you get actively involved with it.

3, The next important thing to do - as soon as you wake up, write down whatever you can remember . Do not wait and do not think,just write down as thoughts come to you without passing since dreams have a way of becoming elusive within a few seconds.

4, This exercise strengthens your attention capacity and as you pay more attention to your dreams, you will start to remember them more.

5, Keeping a dream journal is bery halpful in remembering dreams, and just this task has helps in recollection. When there are disturbing dreams occuring at regular intervals the individual has no clue in the beginning but when he/she begins to keep a journal, a pattern emerges which also help in understanding this.

Sub conscious mind and our dreams

We cannot be absolutely sure as to why we forget our dreams so easily. I guess some would say that it is because they are not important, but I strongly disagree since dreams are an essential part of our life, even if they occur when we are asleep.

Dreams are a part and parcel of you and your mental make up.It is our sub conscious taking over and having its say.As to why we forget certain dreams it is probably because you are into it completely and are unable to remember, whereas some other where you are still partially open to suggestions make you remember what you had dreamt.

Some dreams are about wish fulfillment and can be repetetive when there is a constant longing for such things.It is nice to have happy and pleasant dreams , it makes you feel positive and also react positively to people.

Our sub conscious stores all the images and events and also those that have made an impact on us get stored as well. When we sleep the sub conscious takes over and various images form a pattern depending on our state of mind and the result is a dream. However, there have been some amazing dreams dreamt by people who have had very disturbing images and later find the same happening in real life as well.

Dream analysis and how it works

Since it is still in the experimental process not much is known about why dreams occur in certain patterns since they don’t seem to make any sense. When we actually think of all this we realise how complicated human mind is and how little we know about ourselves.
Some dreams are very strange and one simply cannot explain as to how it happens? They seem so close to real life and also act as a fore warning in some instances. There have been several such incidents where people have been able to avert some misfortunes since they were fore warned.

Dreams as we already discussed are basically the sub conscious minds images that come out from the store house. In some cases we may have seen or perceived something which may have disturbed us or made some kind of an impact and such things have a way of coming up in dreams in quite a different form.
Dreaming is in itself an extremely complicated function of the brain and psycho analysts have interpreted it in many different ways, but I doubt if anyone in their life time will be able to go into the intricacies of it so easily, other than generalise.

All said and done there is not much that is known about dreaming and as to why it occurs . The available information is still sketchy . Since dreams are the impressions created by the active sub conscious , we get several dozen impressions which are in the form of dreams and it is next to impossible to remember all of them even on a daily basis.


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