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Tips to keep up a Good Posture and stay away from Kyphosis

March 19, 2013  by: Nupur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 1543

In this article I have highlighted the diseases and symptoms that result as an outcome of poor posture. I have written how a good posture can be attained with ease. Adolescent boys and girls can perform good posture exercises regularly and learn about the significance of correct standing and sitting postures.


Good posture is a reflection of good health. A good posture helps us stay comfortable and look smarter. Relaxed and slumping postures lead to muscle pain, back pain, stiffness, bone diseases like Kyphosis and cause much discomfort later in life. Kyphosis is the commonest physical deformity that results due to poor posture. Kyphosis is usually known as hunchback. It is a physical condition that results due to the abnormal curvature of the spine. The curving of the spine causes the rounding of the back. There are three types of Kyphosis:

1. Congenital Kyphosis
2. Scheuermanns Kyphosis
3. Postural Kyphosis

Congenital Kyphosis seeks medical attention and may need corrective surgery at an early stage. Scheuermanns Kyphosis usually results at adolescence; it is more commonly seen in the girls than boys. Scheuermanns Kyphosis leads to the abnormal wedging of the vertebral bones that result in structural abnormality of the spine. Spinal alignment is treated with physiotherapy, regular exercises, muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory medications and application of brace if required for a certain period of time. Postural Kyphosis can be corrected by upholding a good posture. Neglect leads to several kinds of diseases, deformities, physical weakness, paralysis, and many more ailments.

Symptoms associated with Kyphosis
1. Fatigue, fibro-myalgia and back pain
2. Tenderness and stiffness of the spine
3. Slouching physical posture
4. Difficulty in performing everyday task with efficiency
5. Difficulty experienced in breathing in severely affected patients

To avoid the above mentioned ailments a normal BMI should be maintained. Brisk walking and healthy balanced diet should be taken. It is advisable to give up poor posture and strengthen the muscles of the back by regular exercises and get a smarter look. Active life should be preferred over sedentary lifestyle.

What is the correct standing posture?
Stand in a comfortable position with chest raised and buttocks pulled in such that you do not strain your back or knees. If you have to stand for a longer time do not relax your spine, keep it straight. To relax you can keep one foot on a foot rest and change position of your feet after some time. Thus posture remains good and fatigue gets minimized.

What is the correct sitting posture?
While sitting make sure your weight gets evenly distributed in a comfortable way. Choose a chair which has a back rest. Sit with your back and spine touching the back of the chair. Make sure that both the feet are on the floor avoid putting one leg across the other.

Exercise for back muscles
You should perform the exercises under a yoga expert. Do not perform the exercises if you find it difficult or get restless. You should consult a medical expert before performing the work outs.

Lie flat on your stomach with arms at the sides and legs straight. Slowly raise the chest and shoulders upwards from the waist and hold it. Initially hold it for 10 seconds and then slowly lower it. When you get acquainted and more comfortable with the exercise repeat this work out.

Exercise for the abdominal muscles
Lie flat on your back with legs straight. Raise one leg hold it in the raised position then slowly lower it. Exhale before you raise your leg and inhale as you lower it. Do the same with the other leg. Increase the frequency slowly as you regularly perform the exercise.

Continue to lie flat on your back with legs straight. Now fold your arms over the chest and slowly raise your head and hold it for 10 seconds. Then lower it slowly. Exhale before you lift your head and inhale after you have lowered it. Increase the frequency as you get acquainted with the exercises.

Kyphosis can also result due to degenerative diseases, fractures and injuries, tumors, neurological weakness, tuberculosis, endocrine diseases, etc. In case of complications investigations like radiography of spine, MRI, lung function tests should be done under an expert and medical advice and treatment should be taken in time.


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