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Ways to get traffic to your site

March 21, 2013  by: Joseph  Points: 12   Category: SEO  Earning $0.70   Views: 944

In order to get more visitors to your site then there are some factors are also be depended. How to get thousands of visitors to my site? - is a serious question for most of the webmaster. I have provided the solution with some useful tips.This article is explaining about different ways to get good number of daily visitors to your site. I hope you may like this article.


Traffic has a big role in the success of a site/blog. If a blog / site have, a decent number of unique visitors daily, then we can call it as a successful site. If a site has average unique visitors of 2000 to 3000 and having at least 6,000, page views daily will be the good number for the statistic of a site. There are many factors, which will help the webmaster to get very good number of visitors. For those who starting blogging without any previous experience it will be tough thing in the beginning. I am going to describe few of them.

Google page rank-:

One of the major factors that help a webmaster or a blogger to get a huge number of visitors daily is the google page rank. Google search engine has worldwide users if your site has a good page rank then it will help you to get a very good number of unique visitors. It will not be easy that to get a google page rank. Google give you a page rank by many criteria's some of the important things that they are looking is - amount of post, quality writings, age of the site, proper writing and well use of words (articles having at least 600 words) etc are the major factors. Google page rank are likely to see as 2/10 it is like a mark, which is given out of 10.


Alexa Rank-:

Another important factor that helps the webmasters and bloggers to get a good number of visitors is the Alexa rank. Alexa.com is a site, which give a rank to every site. Compare to google page rank it is very easy to get an Alexa rank. Only thing that you have to do is just claim your site from the Alexa and after they verify they give you an html/javascript code to place in your site as a widget that widget provide you all information and statistic about your site. Actually, Alexa will not help you much in getting visitors but it will help in other ways. Alexa rank is shown like a number, which is as a rank e.g. 40,565.


Backlinks are used to define as the reference of your site. This means how many sites are talking about your site if your site link is place in any other websites it is known as a backlink. If your link is found on a site having good number of visitors then it will help you to get more visitors from there. Like that if there is thousands of backlinks are, there it will bring huge visitors from those sites. Backlinks will also help you to get more search results in the search engines. There are two types backlinking are there
1) Social backlinks-: Social backlinks are also known as social bookmarking using social medias like facebook, twitter, hikerala etc to post status, comments, creating pages with your site link will help you to get more visitors.
2) Direct backlinks-: Direct backlinks are mainly about commenting on other sites by providing your link, and adding your site to different website statistic recorders, forum footers etc.
Backlinks have a major role in providing huge traffic to your site.


Website Submission-:

Another useful website traffic providing technique is the write a review about your site and post it on famous we directories, writing testimonial and give it to your friends sites etc are the website submission ways. It is also like backlink creation but here the difference is writing testimonials and reviews.
These are the major seo tips that help a webmaster or a blogger to get enough traffic to their sites. There are other ways are also there one of it is buying traffic this is not a seo tip and buying traffic is not good idea for a good webmaster because it creates fake traffic but one thing you can do is advertisement google adsense is familiar to most of the webmaster but do you know it is a good area for advertisement. You have to pay only for the visitors who coming from your banners advertisement. Do not buy traffic from paid to click and from traffic, exchange sites because they only give you fake traffic so the better idea is to advertise. Advertisement will also help you to get better visitors in future without any cost. Therefore, these are some of the useful ideas for getting visitors to your site if you able to do all the above steps I will give 100% guarantee that you will get thousands of unique visitors daily. All the best.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 03/24/2013    Points:2    

Very good points ! driving traffic to ones blog or articles is important when you get paid for views. However, in the general interest of the site one should try and promote the articles since it benefits everyone connected with the site...very useful article !
Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 03/27/2013    Points:4    

I myself have written such articles for various sites before. So the points you mentioned are fine. But that is not just enough, I mean for an article''s or site''s point of view. I mean to say, I used to promote articles using the methods that you have mentioned here. But I found out that just promoting is not enough. There should be good content to go with it. Even if the content isn''t really that great, but the passion shows. I did exactly that. I used to have load of articles written for my blog and also used to promote them. They yielded good results in the end.

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