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Tips to stay disease free and fit with herbal colours on Basant utsav-Holi

March 22, 2013  by: Nupur  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 882

An ancient festival of India, Holi also known as Basant utsav or the festival of colours is celebrated every year by many people with gaiety to welcome the season of spring. Cheerfulness and merriment is seen everywhere. This article is written to encourage people to use herbal colours which is safe for the skin and can be easily made at home.


Holi is a festival celebrated to welcome spring, the season of cheer, romance and fertility. It is an ancient festival of India also known as Holikoutsav. The festival is celebrated to welcome spring with melodious songs, music, cheer, dance and colours. The merriment is enjoyed by all and happiness optimized by the wonderful Indian sweets and delicious recipes. In the olden times organic colours were used to play Holi, these colours were pure with no side effects. With passing times the desire for stronger colours made us discover colours made of chemicals which are stronger, cheaper and look more bright and appealing. Chemical colours available in the market are of different qualities. Some contain irritants that cause skin reactions like rash, inflammation, pimples, itching due to allergy in people who have sensitive skin. Removal of the stubborn chemical colours requires a lot of water leading to water wastage. Sometimes the colours are immovable and may take time to go away.

Smarter people use herbal colours as it is good for the skin and helps stop water wastage.

Herbal colours are pure in form and have medicinal effect that have the capacity to kill germs and help skin rejuvenate with a healthy glow. The radiance of the skin after the use of herbal colours gets better. The skin texture improves and infections stay under control. The process of removal is also simple and the colour goes off easily without waste of water. People who have sensitive skin can apply a good quality lotion on the face, hands, feet and body before playing with the colours. Herbal colours are available in the market but are a little expensive but not unaffordable. Herbal colours can be made at home easily if you have a little time and lots of love and concern for your near and dear ones, family members and friends.

Home-made herbal colours are purest in form and most excellent for the skin.

What materials do you require to make instant excellent herbal colours?

1. Yellow -Turmeric powder and gram flour.
Turmeric powder and gram flour are always present in every Indian home. Take a bowl of gram flour and add turmeric powder slowly, mix well. You will see the colour change to a beautiful yellowish hue. Combine the two till you get your favourite shade of yellow. This is the dry yellow herbal colour you get in no time. If you want to make wet colour just mix this coloured powder with appropriate quantity of water and enjoy playing Holi with family and friends.

2. Red - Red sandalwood powder and refined flour.
Red sandalwood powder is easily available in the market. Mix red sandalwood powder with refined flour in a bowl till you get a vibrant red shade. This colour is very good for the skin and a good substitute for red chemical powder. For wet colour, mix the red powder with appropriate quantity of water to match your desired shade of red and boil if you want a stronger colour. You can dilute with more water to reduce the concentration of the colour before playing Holi.

3. Saffron - Sandalwood powder, saffron stalks and flour.
Saffron colour is easy to make. Mix sandalwood powder and flour till you get your preferred colour of saffron. To make the colour look brighter add the powder of the saffron stalks. Thus a fragrant saffron colour is ready. For wet colour, mix the saffron powder with appropriate quantity of water and leave for some time. Saffron colour in the purest form is ready to be used.

Materials you need to make outstanding colours

1. Powdered yellow petals of chrysanthemum and marigold for yellow colour.
2. Powdered petals of forest flame, Butea Monosperma commonly known as palash for saffron colour.
3. Powdered spinach and coriander leaves for green colour.
4. Powdered beetroot for magenta colour.
5. Powdered red rose and red hibiscus petals for red colour.
6. Powdered black grapes for black colour.

The materials needed to make herbal colours stated above are flower petals, vegetables or fruits. They have their own natural fragrance. To preserve the natural colour, fragrance and retain the medicinal values they should be washed and left to get dry in the shade. Once they get dried they appear shrivelled and can be easily powdered. A roller can be used to make a finer powder. To increase the bulk good quality fine flour should be mixed till the desired colour is obtained. This colour can be used as herbal gulaal. To get wet colours the herbal gulaal can be mixed with appropriate quantity of water.

Play Holi with home-made outstanding herbal colours and stay fit and free of infections and inflammations. Enjoy playing a safe Holi and squander less water. Help to conserve water which is an important resource of the country. May the colourful festival bring happiness and brightness in your life. Wish you a very Happy Holi.


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