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Lose weight by following simple steps

March 29, 2013  by: Mayank Agrawal  Points: 7   Category: Health  Earning $0.20   Views: 1154

Some good steps and easy steps to lose weight from the body without any problem


As in today's life everybody wants to look bold and sexy but due to some problem people start gaining fat and feels very shy but we can control the overweight by following proper and easy steps. As to reduce weight people thinks to do workouts in the gym and this method is very successful by it is one of the most difficult method to reduce weight. So here I am going to tell some good and simple steps so that you are able to lose your weight without any problem.

Body weight is reduced by burning the calories

Before getting started we must have to keep these points in our mind
Plenty of water.


Vegetables and fruits.

Foods containing low-fats.

If you want to lose weight then you must have to follow these steps everyday
If you don't have a problem of high blood pressure then take a 15 minute walk in the morning because in the early morning there is a very low rate of pollution in the atmosphere so that you get fresh air which is very good for your health. Once you are habitual for the early morning walk, increase the duration of the walk which is beneficial for your health. Walk after dinner and lunch also helps you to reduce weight.
Another fact is that you have to drink good amount of water because water also helps to eliminate fat from the body.

You must have to take full 8 hours of sleep and take dinner 2 hour before go to bed.

Only eat fruits having good amount of anti-oxidant like orange, lemon and so on. Fruits is a good source of water and have low fat so it helps you to reduce fat from your body.

Only eat green vegetables like Spinach, eggplant, Broccoli etc. Green vegetables plays a vital role to reduce fat from our body. You can also try other vegetables like Cucumber, Tomato, bell peppers because these are the great substitutes of fatty snacks.

Drink milk one glass in the morning time and one glass in the evening time. After that eat oats, Parley, Brown rice etc these snacks helps to maintain the body balance.

Drink vegetable juice but remember one thing if you drink soup outside from your house then the soup must be free from calories because if you take more calories then you have more weight.

These are some of the steps to lose body weight.

Author: meensatwork        
Posted Date: 04/10/2013    Points:2    

Yogasanas also help in reducing fat. Especially pranayama will keep one healthy and fit in mind as well as body. Pranayama can be practiced twice everyday. (Morning on empty stomatch and evening before dinner).
Checkout this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaMaLwj0N6s for doing pranayama.
Author: Mayank Agrawal        
Posted Date: 05/10/2013        

Ya this also helpful in reducing weight...

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