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How to make a chocolate cake in microwave oven, Easy and Quick.

March 31, 2013  by: adil007  Points: 8   Category: Food & Drinks  Earning $0.15   Views: 1360

After reading this article you will come to know how to easily and quickly make a chocolate cake at home by only using a microwave oven. This is very simple and who does not love cakes.


Making cake made easy.
Ingredients which you will need to make the chocolate cake:-
1) One Egg.
2) One fourth cup of white sugar/Safeed Cheeni.
3) Three table spoons of softened butter/Makhan.
4) One teaspoon of vanilla extract.
5) One fourth cup of milk/Doodh.
6) Half cup of all purpose flour/Maida.
7) Two table spoons of cocoa powder/chocolate powder.
8) One fourth teaspoon of baking powder/Khameer.
9) One pinch salt/Namak.
Electronics you will need to make a chocolate cake:-
1) A microwave oven.
2) A hand blender or electronic blender.
Importance of Cake:-
Cakes are an important part of our life. Cakes are linked with celebrations, fun and happiness in our lives. We dont have to spend any huge amount for a cake and even we can make it at home easily. Cakes are served at birthday parties and at weddings and loved by everyone whether children or old people, no one can say no to a cake. There are different types of cakes made according to what flavour people like and dislike.
Firstly you need to spray a medium microwave bowl with a non stick spray and leave it aside until you prepare other things. Then take a mixing bowl and blend butter, sugar, egg, vanilla extract, and milk together in it. Then combine flour after it cocoa powder then baking powder and at last a pinch of salt, blend these into the mixture until the mixture becomes smooth and afterwards when it becomes smooth then pour it into the microwave bowl.

Then after pouring the mixture into the microwave bowl, place it in the microwave oven on high temperature for two to three minutes or we can say until the cake springs back when we touch it. But as all the microwaves cook food in a different way, you can simply adjust the cooking time according to what I have described above. so there is no problem for you.

At last it is serving time, you should firstly after getting the cake out of the microwave oven let it cool for at least about five minutes, do not place it in a fridge or freezer to cool, allow it to cool in fresh air for best taste. and then after it cools down with great care you should cover the bowl with another cool new plate and then afterwards pick them with the plate on top and gently upside down so that the cake falls onto the plate. Be careful as the cake can easily fall out of the plate and do not upside down the cake until it cools. Serve it with a soft drink, cake or coffee. I dont myself recommend cold drink with it. For best taste eat it within two days.

If you face any problem while making the cake please let me know, I would try my best to understand and solve the issue according to the situation.
What are you waiting for go, make and try it. Dont forget to post feedback.


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