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Working of a processor in a Laptop

April 01, 2013  by: Mayank Agrawal  Points: 12   Category: Hardware  Earning $0.60   Views: 1025

One of the most common and most reliable hardware part of Laptop and computer that can do various tasks in seconds.



Today's one of the most common and most important gadget is Laptop and everybody wants Laptop because of its less consuming space. Laptop is one of the greatest invention ever and have cool features as compare to the desktop computers. Laptop is light weighted portable device so we can carry it anywhere without having any problem but in case of desktop computers we are not able to carry it because of its large size. So due to this features everybody wants this wonderful gadget instead of desktop computers. But if we compare Laptop with desktop computers then we find out only one negative point in laptop is the price, the price of the Laptop is quite high as compare to desktop computers.

But as the time passes new technologies has come and due to the new technologies the price of the Laptop reduces so now anybody can afford this great gadget. Now we can find Laptop everywhere but we see that desktop computers are found only in that places where education system occurs. The most interesting thing about laptop is that we can run it without the use of power because it contains a chargeable battery so we just have to charge the battery and after charging we work anywhere without the use of power supply.

Now in this great article we discuss about all the features and all the facts about the Laptop. The function of all the laptop is similar but the difference only occurs in the outer look. We can simply define a laptop, "As a small device which contains all the hardware parts in one pack" and the laptop has a capability to run on a different operating system.

If we talk about desktop computers then it has different parts for different functions like monitor is used for monitoring, keyboard is used for typing, mouse, cabinet etc, cabinet also contains various other hardware parts like RAM, Hard disk, Processor, Video card, Sound card etc so it requires more space as compare to laptop. In laptop all the items equipped in a single small thing so less space is occupied by the laptop.

Some of the features of the laptop is shown below:-

1. All the hardware parts in the Laptop must have to fit in a given amount of space because of less space.

2. Due to its charging capacity it requires less power thus save electricity.

3. If we run desktop computers continuously for 6 hours then desktop computers heated up but on the other hand laptop remains cool.

Now we come to the topic Processor.

When we heard this name Processor, one thing always strikes in our mind that what is Processor and what is the work of a processor and how does it works in a laptop. Processor or CPU (Central Processing Unit) is nothing but a device which is used to operate whole system whether it is a desktop computers or a laptop. Processor is also called a brain of a system because all the commands and all the processing occurs in the processor. As when we use laptop lots of heat released by the laptop and processor is used to control that heat and cool the system.

So many devices attached to the processor to control the level of heat like radiator fans, fans, channel of plates etc but have some disadvantages they reduces the speed of the computer but advantage is more as it removes the heat and increase the efficiency. To hold the processor mother board contains some pins that takes lots of space in desktops but in case of laptops the motherboard does not contain any pins so that processor does not take more space and easily fit into the laptop. As an alternative of pins many ball type chips is used in other laptops but the major drawback of ball type chips is that once damaged it cannot be repaired. In every laptop there is a sleep option which reduces the speed of the processor and increases the overall performance of the laptop but drawback is that it reduced the battery back-up. According to the price of the laptop, coolant may vary. If you purchased laptop with of average range then to control heat in the laptop, heat sink and exhaust fan is used but when you buy high price laptop then liquid coolant is used to control heat.

These are some of the important information about the laptops.

Author: Abhijit Bangal        
Posted Date: 04/04/2013    Points:2    

Well, I am into hardware a bit so I read this article. But most of the things bounced over my head. However, I am going to preserve this article as it tells me a lot of basic things between a laptop and a desktop.

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