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Why am I not earning enough?

April 05, 2013  by: Abhijit Bangal  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $0.40   Views: 911

There are many reasons as to why one is not earning enough online. Here are a few thoughts on that.


As I myself is a content writer for the past three years, there are many things that could be said about online earning. As there are lots of ups and downs and all the good and the bad experiences by my side, it would be easy to speak about online writing and why one is earning less than expected.
There are many reasons why one is not earning enough.
Not submitting enough articles
If you are writing enough articles, do understand that you will not be earning enough. Be it writing for the page views pattern or for upfront paying sites, there is no option to writing articles. The more you write the more are the chances of you earning more. If there is lot of gap in submitting articles, the consistency slowly dies down and that plays an important part in your earnings.
Not marketing the articles
If you write especially for sites that pay you for page views, it is important that you market the articles periodically. There are many people who tweet and make their articles viral almost on a daily basis. That is a good way to bring in more visitors to your articles. More views mean more earnings.
However, tweeting is not the only way to bring views. You can use the various social networking sites available out there. There is also an option of using the question answer sites where you can post the links of your articles to get more views.
Not writing articles on latest topics
If you are not writing articles on the latest topics or breaking news, then you are possibly missing out on a lot of page views and also on your earnings. It does not matter if you are writing for the page view model or for upfront paying articles writing on the latest topics always makes sense.
But the option of writing evergreen articles cannot be ruled out. Some of the best topics to write on are writing on health related articles. How-to articles also bring in a lot of traffic and pays well.
Not having enough articles online
Coming back to the page view model, the more articles you have, the more are your chances of earnings. Even if you write articles for a certain event, say the Indian Premier League or the World Cup matches (Football or Cricket), the recurring events bring in traffic when it is time for the next edition of the same event.
I have experimented this with the articles on Indian Premier League. When I wrote articles for a site that paid me for page views, the same articles got searched once again when the IPL started a couple of days back. As the keywords were related, I got hits for the same old articles once again.
This will give you a good idea of how you can earn from your old articles if you have written stuff for such events. You can try it with any such sport or event that you find interesting so that you can have lots to write on.

Author: meensatwork        
Posted Date: 04/10/2013    Points:2    

Nice article Abhijit. You can write one more article here on " How to promote articles on various social networking websites"?. You can list the sites and explain how to promote articles.
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 04/11/2013    Points:3    

More importantly, our articles should have good content and once you build up a reputation , you can expect to get more views since people would want t read more of your articles,and it is a good idea to provide links to other articles which all have the same subject matter or are linked in some way ...
Author: Xavier        
Posted Date: 04/12/2013    Points:1    

Thanks Abhi, very illuminating. I am in online writing for last 6 months with zero earnings. I was wondering what more I should do to start earning.

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