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How to close odesk account?

April 09, 2013  by: meensatwork  Points: 10   Category: Others    Views: 1443

The purpose of the article is to explain the procedure for closing the odesk account.


Odesk is an online work place where users can apply for jobs (Contractor) / post jobs (Client). This article explains the steps for closing the odesk user account.

Before closing the odesk account, please go through the below checklist.

Contractor :

1. Make sure that you have withdrawn all job applications
2. Finish all your active contracts
3. Close all job postings
4. Withdraw all your earnings and wait till it is credited to your account

Client :

1. Make sure you have no pending payments for your contractors.
2. You can cancel the active job applications if any, so that the contractor knows the job is no more available.

To close your account follow the below steps.

1.Go to www.odesk.com and sign to your account
2.Click Settings icon on the right hand side of the page.
3. In the user settings page, click the option Contact Info
4.Click the link "Close Account'
5. Please choose the relavant option for closing the account.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 05/04/2013    Points:2    

There are many who simply do not close their account because they do not know how to do so. This article will surely be a great help to those who want to find out how to close the said account. This is a very handy information and would serve the purpose of many. Thanks for sharing!

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