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Poor Mans Cold Drinks

April 20, 2013  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Food & Drinks    Views: 912

You are far from a fridge and aerated drinks. Here is how you can prepare cool drinks which can really beat the heat.


It is mouthwatering to see beautiful and famous personalities gulping down cold drinks in the TV advertisements. But these colorful drinks are beyond the reach of the poor and the people living in the remote villages. However, they too have invented drinks to beat the heat. These drinks can easily be prepared without much expense and they have no harmful effects. Here are a few ways to prepare these drinks.
1.Lemon Drink: Take a glass of clean cold water drawn from a tube well. Cut a small lemon into two halves. Press the juice of one half into the water. Add sugar and salt to your taste. Stir it to mix well. Prepare a second glass for your friend with the other half of lemon.
2.Mango Drink: Take a raw mango of small size. Roast it in direct heat. Press the mango into pulp. Add three glasses of cold water, sugar and salt to you taste and stir the water to mix it well. Your summer drink is ready.
3.Rice Water Drink: People in villages keep the left over rice soaked in water in an aluminum container for at least two days. They strain the water in tumblers, add salt and drink. This drink has a cooling effect on the body. Try for yourself.
4.Curd Lassi Drink: Take a glass of water. Add two spoons full of curd to it. Add sugar and salt to your taste and stir it to mix well.
In most households, drinking water is kept in earthen pots. This method of storing keeps the water cool. Water from an earthen pot can satiate anyone's thirst and it can also be used to prepare the drinks described above.


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