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Polish Your Personality

April 22, 2013  by: Xavier  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 1121

It is every young mans and womans dream to possess an attractive personality. Here are a few tips on how you can add a shine to your personality.


Every young man and woman wants to acquire an attractive personality. An attractive personality makes a positive and lasting impression on the lookers -on. It helps one in being successful in landing jobs and shining in career. It wins friends and admirers in the society. If cultivated well, an attractive personality becomes a faithful friend who keeps helping the person without him being aware of it. But it is a quality that has to be cultivated. It does not happen in one day. It needs constant practice and self education. I give below a few tips to enhance your personality.
1. Keep a sincere smile on your face. If you don't know how to smile practice smiling before a mirror.
2. Be polite in your manners and words. Keep the tone of your voice polite too.
3. Be grateful for any favor received. Make a habit of saying 'thank you' even for little things.
4. Be a listener than a talker. Listen with your heart. This shows on your face and eyes.
5. Be punctual. Never keep people waiting for you.
6. Be sensitive to others. Avoid being selfish in your dealings and in the social gatherings.
7. Be patient with others. Avoid flying off the handle. Manage your anger maturely.
8. Be mindful of your personal appearance. Shabbiness and unclean appearance drives away people.
9. Avoid gossiping. This eats up personality like termites eat up furniture. Appreciate honestly the virtues in others. Avoid praising someone falsely.
10. Accept constructive criticism. This is the sign of wise man.
11. Acquire new ideas by reading books. Keep learning. Don't rust.
12. Your mind shows itself on your personality. Let your mind be an abode of noble and selfless thoughts.
Most people think wrongly that you must have a tall and beautiful figure to possess a good personality. Though it helps, it is not the only requisite. Even people with short physique and dark complexion have been known to possess extraordinary personality. History has ample proof of this fact. So cultivate your personality and be a winner.

Author: Writer013        
Posted Date: 08/10/2013    Points:4    

A good personality is very important if you want to achieve confidence as well as success in all spheres of life.
We must have the confidence and self belief to be able to do what is known as "walk that walk and talk that talk".
Personality development helps us in realizing our inner potential and improving our personality and inter-personal skills.
It is something that can prove to be a stepping stone for those of us who want to make a good impression in our chosen field of work.

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