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Top 3 Legitimate PTC sites for earning money online

April 26, 2013  by: meensatwork  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 1304

Explains about ptc sites


What is PTC?

PTC or Paid To Click one which pays the users for clicking advertisments,banners,videos etc.They
get the money from the advertisers.Typically an user can earn $0.001 to $0.02 per advertisement click.

How to find a Legitimate PTC?

Hundreds of PTC sites are available in the web promising great payouts.Not all of them are
legitimate. Before you decide to join a PTC, check out the points below:

- Is the website has any registration fees to join?Then say a big 'No' for this site.
- Perform a google search with the "Name of the sit" + "scam" to find out whether the website is
genuine or not.
- Check whether the site has got any forums or community. Generally a site with this feature will
be genuine and you can check the latest activities.
- Find the payment proofs for the website to make sure that the site really pays.

How to choose a PTC site?

- Find out the earning opportunities of the website. If the site has only advertisements, it is
not advisory because it will take more time to make cashout from the site.
- Calculate approximately how much you can earn from the website per day. If it is too low (e.g
$0.1) it will take 10 days to reach $1 which is not worth trying.
- Find out the minimum payout for the site and the time it takes to reach that value.Minimum
payout means that theb user has to reach that value for placing withdrawal request.
- Do not choose sites where the earning depends primarily on referrals.If you have many people who
can work,then you can choose these kinds of sites.
- Initially choose sites with least minumum payout (e.g $0.6 to $2) so that you can earn the money
and increase your confidence.

How to receive payments?
Most websites pay through Paypal. Other options are Payza,LibertyReserve etc.Some sites also pay
by check. You should register in any of the websites for receiving payments. You can either
transfer money to your bank account from these sites or do online shopping.

In my experience, i have found the following websites are genuine and one earn good money from it.

This site is more than 3 years old and one of the best PTC site.You carn money by doing the below

- Clicking advertisements
- Viewing videos
- Doing small tasks like searching for a keyword in google
- Completing surveys
- Downloading software
- Signing up or registering in websites
- Ad prize ( Similar like a lot )

Minimum payout for this site is $3.

This site is also equally popular to neobux,genuine and has more options to earn. All the options
listed in neobux are available here also. In addition to that, they have the following:

- Clixgrid : This is similar to a game where one has to click small rectangular boxes anywhere in
the image. Cash prizes of minimum $0.10 to $5.00 will be credited if you win the game. The number
of attempts allowed is 25 times per day
- Daily bonus : 5% of the earnings per day is given as bonus if you meet certain criteria.
- Weekly contest : The top 10 peoplee who does the most tasks in a week are given cash credits,
$50 for first place and $2 for 10th place.

Minimum payout for this site is $8.

3. Ayuwage
This site is similar to the previous ones except that this has more advertisements to click and earn. Minimum payout for this site is $5

Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 05/02/2013    Points:4    

I am not interested in PTC sites. However I know that the sites you have mentioned are legit and they are paying on time. I have some bitter experiences from PTC sites. So I stopped working in PTC sites some months ago. But a couple of months ago, I came to know about ayuwage and started clicking ads there. I earned a fair amount daily there. After reaching 5$, I redeemed the amount. I received the payment after one week. So now I am working in ayuwage. I like the site. But we can''t say when a PTC site turns scam.
Author: saugup12        
Posted Date: 09/17/2013    Points:15    

Hi All ,

Are you a housewife or a student or a retired person looking for some extra income from Internet.

Though there are many Genuine Online paying sites but the number of Fake/Fraud sites is very high.(10-15% genuine, others Fake)

So try to avoid wasting your time on these junk/fake sites as I did long time back and try to find some genuine paid sites that really pay for your effort and time.

Although this is not a complete list of all Genuine sites still I have tried to share my research work and will keep it updating further.

Here are some sites and links to make some quick and easy money online(By filling online Surveys and other PTC sites)

1.One of the best in India, PaisaLive.com: http://sh.st/0eqG
I am a member of PaisaLive and would like to recommend it to someone whose is looking for some extra cash. Not too much of money,no false claims,but some extra 2000-3000/month. Only if you do a Genuine job and no cheating.

2.Mginger : http://sh.st/0ewf
3.PointstoShop : http://sh.st/0ewg

Online Surveys and Form filling (Check these sites yourself before registering at them)
1.India Panel Online: http://sh.st/0eq8
2.Indian paid Survey: http://sh.st/0eq9
3.Survey Sam: http://sh.st/0ew0
4.CorpScan (heard some good reviews about them): http://sh.st/0ewq
5.Freeonlinesurveys : http://sh.st/0ewo
6.SurveyMonkey (Good reviews): http://sh.st/0ewp
7.Some more good sites and links,Yahoo.com: http://sh.st/0ews

Nowdays there is a whole new generation of PTC(Paid to Click ) websites , mushrooming up and most of them are FAKE or a SCAM. However not all are fake and some genuine ones do pay you money for clicking Ads,filling forms n surveys ,watching videos etc.

A list of some Genuine PTC sites is as follows (I have done research from my side, however you do your own before joining) :

1.ClickSense: http://sh.st/0efh
Clixsense Features:
Earn up to $ 0.02 Per Click
Earn up to $ 0.01 Per Ref Click
Payout Minimum $6
Guaranteed ads daily
Cheap Quality Advertising
Instant Payment
Payment Processor: Paypal, Payza, Liberty
2.NerdBux: http://sh.st/0e72
NerdBux Features:
Ads: About 20 ads available each day paying $0.001-$0.02 per click
Payout: Low minimum payout, $2.00 to Payza and PayPal.
Complete micro jobs and earn up to $0.10.
Play the NerdGrid and get 25 chances per day to win $0.01-$2.00.
Referrals: Earn 50% on direct referrals and 100% on rented referrals.

3.NeoBux :
NeoBux features:
Earn up to $0.02 Per Click
Earn up to $0.015 Per Ref.Click
Quality Advertising
Guaranteed ads daily
Minimum Payout $2
Instant Payment
Payment Processor: Paypal, Payza

4. DonkeyMail: it is among the list of Genuine PTC Sites, you can click as many ads as possible. You can earn through ptc, paid to read, gpt, paid to signup, offers etc. This is an amazing sites , you can make $8 easily per day without doing much work. No minimum cashout and you can withdraw via payza, paypal, liberty reserve, solidtrust, perfectmoney, Okaypay etc.

5.Clicksia : is also one of the Genuine PTC Site just like Clixsense.They pay up to $0.005 per click and have several ways you can make money from them such as ptc, offers, paid to signup, paid to read email etc. The minimum payout is $1.00 via paypal and payza.The minimum cashout can be reached within 15 minutes.

You can check the reviews and more insight for these PTC sites from below links:
1.Genuine-ptc-web-sites.blogspot.in: http://sh.st/0e8q
2.Best PTC sites: http://sh.st/0e8w
3.PTC websites blog: http://sh.st/0e8r
4.PTC Talk Blog: http://sh.st/0e8h
5.Themoneymaking.com: http://sh.st/0e8g

Some sites providing with articles on ''Online Money-Making and Listing Fraud sites'':
1.Jobs8home: http://sh.st/0eww
2.SurveyPolice: http://sh.st/0ewe
3.About: http://sh.st/0ewr
4.About : http://sh.st/0ewy
5.MySiyvey a Scam? :http://sh.st/0ewi
6.FrugalLiving: http://sh.st/0ewa

Note: As a Thumb Rule any site asking for any kind of payment for membership/registration or not providing data in ''Contact Us'' is likely to be a Fake/Fraud site. (Not always though)
Author: laratomb        
Posted Date: 07/30/2016    Points:7    

There are many ways to earn through online and we should select the one that is not a scam and legit way to make money. To check whether a site is legit usually, I follow a simple checklist to see how well they do.
1) Use <a href="http://www.whoisxy.com/default.aspx">WhoisXY.com</a> to check the whois information and check whether the contact information matches with the one in the website.
2) In the domain contact details, is there a valid email address.
3) Is there a valid phone number visible, and does it work ?
4) Go through review about them using <a href="http://www.unmaskparasites.com/">Unmaskparasites.com</a> and check whether they are scam free.

I was interested in earning through reselling business. When I searched for a legit
reseller I came across Goresellers.com and ensuring their safety using the legality checking sites, I proceeded further and got an account with them and earn a decent income.

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