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For A Healthier You !

April 27, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 973

It doesn''''t really take much effort or time to remain healthy and fit...


We need to push up our Physical and Mental Energy Levels every now and then to remain healthy and fit. It is but natural that all of us want to tackle our work with greater ease, feel more alert and not have to drag ourselves out of bed each morning wondering what the day has in store for us, instead bounce out feeling refreshed and ready for the day inviting and anticipating it.

How does one achieve that ?

A few simple must do's woven into our day's activities help us push up our physical and mental energy levels, and being consistent in our daily routine helps us fight stress .

1,Food - Food and the kind of diet you take certainly has a lot to do with how you feel . Make sure to choose from a list of protein-rich food. Include lots of vegetables and fruits , water, milk products and fiber rich products in your diet. Diet is one of the most important things in our life and once we are careful with it, half our problems get solved.

We should plan our daily menu around five key food items - Fish or Pulses for vegetarians , Legumes such as peas and lentils, Whole grains such as wheat, brown rice or oat meal, dairy products like milk, yogurt and a small amount of butter or cheese, and plenty of vegetables and fruits. This takes care of our heart and entire system keeping it healthy and ticking .

2, Avoid stress and Anxiety - Stress should be avoided at all costs since it can shoot up Blood pressure to dangerous levels. Stress can be caused by day today pressures or other factors like health worries and family and personal matters. Once you analyse and get to the root of the problem find a solution to this, it is not difficult to cope with stress effectively. Being over anxious about things can lead to stress so try to stay calm and collected.

Meditation has proved to be very helpful in combating both stress and anxiety. Even if you can fit in 10-15 minutes every day it is bound to help your system a lot. Meditation and Yoga both clam your nerves and stabilise your metabolism .

3, Exercise helps - The following exercises help a lot in overcoming stress
1, A simple exercise is to sit back straight in your chair keeping your feet firmly on the ground. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing, breathing in and out slowly, feeling your chest expand - hold your breath for 6 counts, more if you are comfortable and exhale slowly. You can repeat this with increased time for holding your breath to get better results.

2,Another helpful exercise is to sit on the ground in any position you find comfortable - resting your back against the wall and stretching your legs straight in front of you. Once you are in a comfortable position, close your eyes and think backwards on your days activities, all the time breathing in and out slowly..This helps in two ways - calms your nerves and also helps you analyse your own activities and daily routine.

4, Make at least one meal time special for yourself
- For example, when you sit down to drink your tea, relax and do not multi task or think about some worrisome matter, what to cook for dinner or what are the children up to etc etc ... . Multi tasking , builds up stress since, it takes a lot of mental awareness as well. Instead listen to some soothing music or exchange pleasantries with your children or other members of your family taking care not to get into any heated discussions. Make it a pleasant time for all of you and this really helps since a happy family automatically reduces stress for you as well. I remember my own childhood in our ancestral home, when my grandmother used to pluck several herbs and roots from the hills behind our house and make a concoction using them along with some tea powder. She used to add milk and gur made out of sugar cane juice for sweetness and this was a weekly routine meant to cleanse our system and build our immune system, which all of us looked forward to. It helped all of us bond together and even to this day all of us cousins remember that simple routine with fondness.

6, Keep your weight in check - Weight is a problem for many people after a certain age and stage in life. At the same time there is no running away from the fact that we need to keep i check and under control. This can be done by including more protein in your daily diet. It also helps in increasing your metabolism, much better than carbohydrates and fat. A protein-rich food like Fish, eggs, tofu, Lean Chicken, Beans, low fat dairy products, Soya milk, Sprouts and lentils along with lots of fresh vegetables and fruits goes a long way in keeping your weight under check .

It is but natural that when you are on a diet you experience hunger pangs - drink a glass of water first before you begin to munch on something. Most of us tend to eat chips, biscuits, wafers etc when we have a craving for food because it is easily available and handy .In fact, according to nutritional experts, sometimes it is not possible to distinguish thirst from hunger, so drinking a glass of water takes care of that. You may be satisfied with just a glass or two of water instead of eating a packet of chips, which only adds on calories.

If you are planning to reduce, it is a good idea to have a bowl of filling vegetable soup before meals, which automatically makes you eat less .Since soups have relatively fewer calories but take up space in your stomach, you tend to feel full. Soups are also nutritious without adding extra calories, so one must make it a practice to have lots of home made soup along with meals.

7, Have an early Dinner - Ideally you must try to eat dinner at least 3 hours before your bed time. This gives you enough time to finish your other pending jobs for the day like clearing up the kitchen or preparing for the next day or even relaxing in front of the TV , thereby helping the process of digestion before you fall sleep. However, if you are forced to eat a late dinner, keep it as light as possible !

8, Do not Procrastinate or put off jobs that needs to be done - Never keep any task pending just because you don't want to miss your favorite TV program or use the net since this happens to many people and the end result is that they start feeling guilty and depressed which affects their routine the next day and so on .

One can always tackle the tasks during commercial breaks instead of surfing channels and it is advisable to take a break every half hour while using the computer and indulge in some physical activity like taking care of the kitchen tasks or washing dishes or clothes or tending to the childrens needs ..
Finally, make doubly sure that you don't snack or keep on drinking aerated drinks while watching TV or while surfing the net except on special occasions as a treat and that too within limits!

Author: Aakash Agarwal        
Posted Date: 05/25/2013    Points:1    

the ideas suggested by you is really of great health.
thank you so much for the information
Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 05/26/2013    Points:1    

Most welcome Aakash, health is wealth and we can never take it for granted at any stage of our life ...

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