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Tips on what makes a good poet

April 28, 2013  by: Writer013  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 1510

steps to follow in order to become a good poet


Firstly, you must keep in mind the fact that it is not necessary to always use rhyming words while writing a poem. In fact it involves the desire to bring out your views and knowledge of things into words that give rise to pleasant reading. However, to become a poet sometime in the future, one must practice on writing rhymes as it is a better choice to begin for this is a matter of desire or the penchant for writing a poem often leads to a situation where you are thinking hard for meaningfulness and to complete your poem and you are surely in a hapless situation with two or three stanzas written by you and you scratch your head; do all sorts of things and finally ending up even tearing the paper where your incomplete work is written.

Creative writing is an art which could be enhanced but not taught starting from scratch. There is no course on poetry with all the basics to mastering the art. In fact poetry cannot be taught to every person. Only to those who have some sort of talent for playing with the words. Are the ones who are definitely eligible for in the making of a poet?. People who are born with such talent need to pay more attention on the following ten Tips:

1. Always be all alone when you try a hand on writing something.
2. Keep yourself away from all the noises and disturbances.
3. Don't use any sort of plain rough papers to write. Always keep a note book with you. 4. Writing on a note book always is helpful; where in some cases you leave an unfinished rhyme.
5. That unfinished one would be used somewhere in your new poem or a rhyme and so on.
6. It is good if you think about a topic before starting to write.
7. When you have written a word or a phrase and you want a rhyming word to add to it for the purpose of Completing the stanza. You just scroll on the alphabetic order in your mind to search the words as of A,B,C,...so on.
8. Having selected the right word or phrase from this alphabetic hierarchy your stanza will be completed and so on.
9. Matching the theme of the poem with every stanza belonging to it is indeed an important thing.
10. Lastly is the process of editing and compiling the poem. I hope that all the above points may help you in some way or the other for your progress in writing a poem.


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