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How to help your child overcome shyness

May 05, 2013  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $1.00   Views: 1369

This article describes how to overcome shyness among children. It discusses some of the key aspects of life like love, patience, communication, sports etc., in overcoming shyness. Moreover, the major and significant role parents could play in overcoming the same is also highlighted in this article.


How to help your child overcome shyness

Shyness among kids is very common and it is neither a disease nor an infection. I have seen kids who were once shy growing up as normal human beings like you and me. The problem arises when shyness persists long among kids and as a result they miss a lot of fun and excitement in their life. We have many instances in our regular life where a shy kid, when left alone with shyness, suffers from shyness throughout his/her life. Hence, if your kid is shy, you should act appropriately as parents to overcome his/her shyness early so that he/she may get rid of it as soon as possible. First, you need to remember that you need to have a lot of patience to overcome the shyness of your kid and it is through your consistent and regular effort you would successfully overcome it. Successful would not come over night but definitely by the time your child grows up and steps ahead you will finally be able to overcome it. Give below are some of the effective ways to overcome the shyness among kids:

Love and be available to your child

Education begins at home first and remember parents are the first teachers. Before you want your kid to get social and speak out to the world you need to set him/her with a strong platform. Firstly, you need to love your child and be there with him/her. You also need to love his shyness and gradually try to get it out of him/her. Speak, comfort and share what you want to share with him/her. Sooner or later you will be glad to find that he/she communicating and responding to you very well.

Teach your child how to communicate easily

Next, teach your child how to communicate with others, strangers, acquaintances, guests and neighbors properly. Avoid being strict with him/her but include those as a part of your regular conversation. You may start with simple conversation skills like hello, hi, my pleasure, thank you, glad to meet you, good morning etc., and later extend those to advance levels. Ask him to use those regularly while he/she speaks at home, school or in the park. And do not forget to praise or compliment each time he/she uses such phrases in his/her speeches.

Allow your child to mix with other children of similar age

Today, most of the problems of shyness relates closely to living a lonely life. In the past, when there was the system of joint families this problem was not as threatening as it is in the present. Do not leave your children alone for long. You, as a parent, need to give them the start! Get his/her name enrolled in a sports club nearby. Your child would get the warm company of other children and sporting activities would help him/her psychologically and physically to stay fit and healthy.

Avoid reminding your child as shy

Not even for once remind your child that he/she is a shy or else it would revert all the good things you did so far to overcome your child's shyness. Shyness is a mental psychology and if anyone mentally accepts himself/herself shy, he/she would stay a shy for the rest of his/her life. Hence, act smart and urge your child in every possible way so that he/she gets mentally and psychologically confident about himself/herself.

Speak out the positive qualities of your child

Parents play a great encouraging role in a child's life and he/she takes seriously what the parents have to say about his/her performance. Peep into the positive qualities of your child and praise him/her for those positives. Sometimes, rewarding them for their good deeds also works the best. They feel to give their best no matter what it is. They feel confident in whatever they do and remember confidence works both like a magic and medicine to overcome problems like shyness.

Allow your child to live and breathe freely

Another cause of shyness among children relates to fear. Though fear is abstract but sometimes it has a strong impact on their innocent minds. Fears may sometime make them so timid that they lose their self-confidence drastically and they get back into their cell. Sometimes fear occupy their mind because of the quarreling of parents, speaking in a loud tone or shouting in front of them. Hence, it is the duty of the parents to support a suitable atmosphere in the house where their child breathes and relaxes freely.

Take your child for local excursions or enroll them in summer camps

It is important to take your child out along for local outings and excursions which would give him/her an opportunity to meet and communicate with others. Given a chance, your child would love this excellent opportunity and you will notice the difference soon. Besides, having them enrolled in short duration summer camps also serves the purpose.


These are some of the effective ways to overcome the shyness of your child. But the degree of shyness varies among children. In that case, parents should first try to find out the root causes of their child's shyness, pen down those and act wisely to overcome those with ease. As goes the old proverb, ''Where there is a will, there is a way'' your determination, patience, will power would certainly help your child to get rid of his/her shyness and live a well-balanced social life afterwards.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 08/09/2013    Points:1    

Good article with very helpful tips. Shyness is partly hereditary but can be overcome with training and guidance by the parents.

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