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Tips of good health

May 13, 2013  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.25   Views: 1421

With some small thing we can maintain our health. Here is some useful tips for good health


1. Drink Water!
Why we drink water? To satisfied our quench. But it is not true. Metabolic process of our body needs H2O. Drinking plenty of water meets needs H2O to out body and helps function it preferable. It also helps in curing many of the common daily health problems like headaches and fatigues. We experience can result from a lack of water intake.

2. Eat Breakfast!
Many persons fail to realize the importance of a breakfast. It boosts energy for the long day ahead, and also regulates your metabolism keeps your metabolism regulated. Skipping a meal can put the body into "survival mode" which means that it actually begins storing and saving fat as opposed to burning it.

3. Exercise
There is no easy way to keep our body healthy than exercise. We must be take exercise as our routine work. And we must be doing it every day honestly. Walking, do aerobics, do yoga, or whatever other type of activity which is suitable for you and you also enjoy these? It may be possible that you will bore with one type of exercise so mix it up.

4. Choose Variety foods
Don't follow popular dieting trends, but diet which is suitable for you. Following high protein diet for long period may be cause of headaches and also damage kidney. For balance diet you should be eat variety of food. Yours diet must be includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, milk and milk products and carbs.

5. Eat Slowly
It is jet age and we all get in a hurry for all works including eating. We must be take time to listen our body. Fast eating does not give time to our body to send message to our brain that we eaten enough. Resultant we continue eating. Eating slowly helps us in realizing that we eat enough. Slow eating also help us in enjoying savor of food which we are eating.

Author: Aakash Agarwal        
Posted Date: 05/26/2013    Points:15    

Food Quantity:

One should follow the old saying "Breakfast like a kind,Lunch like a prince,Dine like a Pauper" in
their day to day for a healthy living. So you should have heavy breakfast, medium lunch and light
dinner. Follow the above will help to reduce the calories to a great extent.You should never skip
the breakfast at any cost as it is vital for maintaining our energy level through out the day.

Food Timings:
You should eat at the same time everyday. Having food at odd timings and long time delays will
result in acidity,indigestion and other problems.

Healthy Food:
Eat lot of vegetables and fruits everyday. Try to include atleast one vegetable and one fruit per
meal for the day. You can have the seasonal fruits and vegetables.Try to include lot of green
vegetables like beans,spinach,broccoli,cabbage,cauliflower etc and fruits rich in vitamin C like
orange,kiwi,watermelon papaya etc.

Foods to Avoid:
Avoid foods rich in sodium as it will increase the blood pressure. Reduce the intake of salt and
sugar in your daily diet. Avoid fast foods, canned foods, frozen foods etc as they are not
healthy.Minimize the amount of spicy foods in your diet.

You should drink atleast 6 to 8 glasses of water everyday to keep our body fresh and healthy. It
is good to have atleast one glass of water in empty stomach in morning.

You should atleast do some activities for atleast 30 minutes everyday to keep your body fit.
Jogging and walking are the best exercises to start with. You can also do yogasanas especially
pranayama twice a day to keep your body and mind fit. Yogasanas not only keeps our body fit but
also relieves stress to a great extent and keeps our mind fresh. Swimming is also a good exercise
which can be done weekly.

Cooling our body:
It is important to keep our body cool for a healthy life. The body of some people get heated often
and they will have problems like eye irritation, stomach pain etc. Soak few fenugreek seeds in
water overnight and eat it in empty stomach everyday. It helps to keeps our body cool. For women,
it helps to regulate menstrual cycles. Take head bath atleast twice in a week to keep our body cool.

Sleeping is an important part for a healthy living. You should sleep for atleast 6 hours per day
to keep your body and mind healthy. Avoid watching TV and computer atleast 1 hour before your
sleeping time as it will delay the sleep. Avoid taking short naps during afternoons. Improper sleep causes many problems like lack of concentration, irritation in the eyes, bad moods etc.

Know your BMI and try to keep it in the range between 20 to 30%.The formula to calculate BMI is Weight(lbs or pounds) X 703 / Height(Inches) X 703. While measuring your weight, try to measure the amount of fat which is important. If the weight is little more but the fat is less, then it is healthy only.

Clean your hands everytime before eating or mixing something with your hands as most of the times
infections spreads only through this.
Author: Writer013        
Posted Date: 08/08/2013    Points:11    

The problem that most of us face with keeping ourselves healthy is the inability to maintain a reasonable work life balance and an active lifestyle.
As we grow older, we begin to realize that maintaining good health becomes more and more of a priority and less of an indulgence.
We must remember the saying that health is wealth but many of us forget to follow this rule and choose to neglect our health at the cost of material success.
The advances and improvements that have taken place with regards to medicines available have led us to a better quality of life and for most of us our lifespans are also positively affected and they get increasingly longer.
We are living longer so that we get to enjoy our friends, families and hobbies longer but the trick to this is dependent on one small thing - our health.
Living longer is great but if it is not done with good health, then we start to question the effectiveness or necessity of better medicine.
The good news is that it is not difficult to make the changes needed to improve and also maintain your good health.
If we follow some simple tips to maintain a healthy life then we can easily add life to our years instead of adding years to our life.
It may seem to most of us that being healthy is a daunting task but in reality, it's just about being alive every single day.
It is all about being fully alive in every moment and doing the things that make your body feel good, make your heart feel alive and make you feel grateful and happy about every moment of every single day.

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