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Nokia N8 Review- ready to create history

July 26, 2010  by: Jobin  Points: 20   Category: Gadgets  Earning $1.30   Views: 1842

Nokia N8 is soon to be released in the market. Its features has already got the attention of people around the world. Lets see N8 a little bit closer in a different angle.


Nokia N8

- Most awaited phone in the history of Nokia.
Such a loaded phone with around 23k Indian rupees is a great product.

Product Offers VAT Total Price
Nokia N8 Rs.23,990
Price for this gadget is 370 EURO, before applicable taxes or subsidies.
Booking availability is also available for this gadget. Nokia is not common doing such a business practice.

Launching of the Gadget

It'll be launched in UK in August 24th or 28th and it will be available in india in September as Nokia says. But it can be done earlier because almost the same date is expected for the release of new version of iPhone. So, Nokia may release is earlier or sometimes it will be launched after that.People around the world is looking at Nokia N8 with great hope. They hope that it will not be a disappointing phone like n97.

Eye catching features

In addition to the most hyped advantages, one good thing is its USB-OTG that we can directly connect a pen-drive to this phone. We can connect a pen drive or even an external hard disk and it will be detected as a mass storage device in N8. Thus we can transfer data on the move.

This is a highly loaded phone.

We can connect our external Hard Disk to the phone using Cable for USB OTG CA-157 provided as an access with sales pack of nokia n8, but that is not for mobility because Hard Disk only with AC adaptor can be connected with the phone. Direct plug in Hard Disk can't be connected to the Nokia N8.The pen drive will connected to the phone will work same as a secondary Memory card.

We will get stunned after seeing this cell. Qwerty keypad would have been icing on the cake. Qwerty keyboard as is a boon for text and chat lovers.
This phone is full of features and it is available at an affordable price.Seeing the trend, Nokia phones prices always tends to go down within few months.

We can also connect a keyboard with USB.Battery in the phone is 1200mAH, but we can upgrade it to 2400mAH by spending some more money.Browser of Nokia N8 performs better than 5800 and so combination of N8 and 3G will be a nice mobile experience.

Nokia N8- A new experiment in Symbian 3

Experts says that its not so wise to buy it as soon it is launched.This is an experimental product by nokia having a lots of queries on its production.Its better to wait for at at least one month after release as it takes that much time to get users review.

The minus points

One of the major disadvantage can be its battery position design. Its so difficult to remove the battery. Battery position design is a new one in N8 compared to other Nokia handsets.Frequent hanging of the phone is one of the major problem faced by the mobile users. Most opted solution for this problem is to remove the battery to switch off the phone. The battery of Nokia N8 is very difficult to remove. This is not a simple problem as what it looks like.4GB restrictions and supporting provided for only few files is a bad thing.

An experiment in the new OS

Nokia N8 is having 256 MB of RAM and 512 MB ROM but that is the minimum requirement to use an OS like Symbian 3. Symbian 3 is a new OS and we have to wait to see the performance of this new OS. Another point which resist people as soon as it is released is that its Operating System (OS)is said to be incomplete, though it was added that N8 project is not over. So better wait and see how the OS responds, because its a very important factor regarding the performance of the phone. Nokia N8 is almost similar to N97 in many factors.

Also all file types that we have in our pen drive can't be accessed. Only files supported by the phone's OS can be accessed by it. Its not like a PC. But we can install third party applications to access some type of files. But problem is that till the date, no third party applications are available OTA for Symbian-3. So we have to wait for new applications to launch.And one more limitation is about the file size. i.e. files having size more the 4 GB can't be accessed on the phone and even can't copy or move from one device to another.

As it is defined as a high end multimedia phone. The main question which will arise is:

Can we watch movies by directly plugging pen drive as like in computer?

Yes. We can watch movies directly by plugging pen drive, but have to convert movies to the codec supported by the phone as all formats are not supported by the phone and the movie files we download are normally in avi or mp4 format etc. So we have to convert them to a file format supported by the phone.

Supported file formats:

* H.264 used in many phones of Nokia released till date like n95,5800,etc.

* MPEG-4. This one is also used in almost all Nokia phones(mm).

* VC-1. this is a new one used, which is developed as a proprietary video format by Microsoft. Its a widely supported standard found in HD DVDs, Blu-ray Discs or other high definition video recordings.

* Sorenson Spark. Its an older format. Its name is given to H263 codec and H264 is its upgraded version.

* Real video 10,for supporting real player file like .rm

Author: vishwanath        
Posted Date: 07/27/2010    Points:1    

It is cool man nice post
Author: Kumaresh        
Posted Date: 07/27/2010    Points:2    

A Good information about this mobile! It contains many exciting features. Model is quite attractive. Watching movies by attaching direclty in mobile is quite impressive and attractive feature.

Well done Jobin! A Very nice review about Nokia N8 mobile!!
Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 07/27/2010    Points:2    

A very nice article Jobin you have written it very well . I am really excited by seeing the cash credit you got for it i will surely some types of articles on subject of mobile phones.
Author: snowdoll487        
Posted Date: 08/01/2010    Points:2    

Well written and researched. This is a detailed review of Nokia N8 mobile.. I am a Nokia mobile phone user but when it comes to gadgets Apple is really the best brand for me.. ^^ But Nokia is affordable. ^^

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