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Facebook Likes Mania

June 19, 2013  by: Mohamadi Quadri  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 856

A fate of a poor girl who gave extreme importance to Facebook likes.


The story was narrated by my neighbor Nikhat who was on bed rest after being discharged from hospital spending a long time. This was the third month after the horrible accident which made Nikhat handicap for whole life, she lost her legs and was entirely dependent on care takers to push her wheel chair. I made my level best to sympathize and encouraged her not to lose hope; every thing is going to be alright! After hearing all my wise words for quite a long time she broke her silence and told me that this accident has already taken away precious life everlastingly which could never come back at any cost!

At first, I could not get what she was expressing, I thought she was drift in deep depression, she started narrating, and I could not open my face book account for all these two months! This was the cause of death of my best friend Rima! Really, I did not know what she was telling, I went close to her and she continued the story.

I and Rima were close friends, every thing in our life we used to share. Except for few optional subjects where different class rooms were allotted, we used to sit in same class on the same desk. Rima was soft hearted, kind and sensitive. She was always nervous about her skin color which was little black and financial status of her family. Her father was clerk in education department. All the worry was about the marriage, she often discussed this topic to me with a feeling of anxiety. I always insisted her to hope better and never get into inferior complex.

But our every discussion fruitlessly ended with her disheartened statement, who will like my ugly face!


One day after a long argument about the same problem, I suggested her about to open face book account and upload her best photos and see how many people like it. She agreed to the idea but we both were busy with exams for next 15 days.

After exams, I went to my uncle's home to spend my vacations. I was happy to see Rima opened a new face book account and uploaded her few photos. I got some idea to promote her confidence and bring her back about 'ugly face' inferior complex. I tried to open as many as accounts, (fake accounts) and be friend with Rima. When she uploaded any photo she used to get 60 plus 1 likes. (One from my original account).

When I reached home town after spending one month, I visited Rima, I noticed drastic change in her behavior, and she was a bit optimistic. I saw a ray hope on her face and increased confidence level, I could never thought my idea would work so meticulously. I always tried to pretend and control my facial expressions when she happily told me that how many people like her photo on face book.

She started dressing well and spending time before mirror and would request me to take few snaps to upload, some time she went to photo studio to get high quality pictures. This went on for some time. Mean while her father also started contacting marriage bureau to find the groom.

This all I know about Rima, rest of the thing I heard in hospital after two months when I was feeling a bit better , she is no more! She committed suicide writing a death note "no one like my ugly face"


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