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June 29, 2013  by: Writer013  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 709

The role of discipline in helping an individual to achieve success


Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose that an individuals desires to attain in life.

It is something that everyone wants to achieve but not all of us attain success.

In order to achieve success, we must invest our time and effort into doing something that involves a lot of perseverance, endurance, patience and consistency even if it means failure to reach our goals in the short run.

One of the most effective ways to achieve success is discipline.

Discipline can be defined in simple words as teaching oneself to follow rules and guidelines consciously and voluntarily that are relevant to the task at hand.

It is a quality that needs an individual to make focused, regular and consistent efforts towards achieving success.

It involves a lot of self control, hard work and the ability to harness your energy towards doing what is needed and not what you would like to do.

We must remember that discipline cannot really work without will power.

Will power helps an individual avoid becoming lazy, disinterested and inactive.

We must have the will power to develop qualities such as endurance and the ability to never surrender in the face of adverse circumstances.

Throughout history, the most successful people among us are often those who know how to utilize their skills, abilities and talents with the help of discipline to attain success in their chosen field of work.

Discipline helps in reducing the effects of disappointment and failure by motivating an individual to overcome setbacks and keep on trying to reach their goal until they have attained success.

An individual needs to inculcate discipline as a habit in his daily life and this can be done only by regular, life long behavior and avoiding habits such as failure to take decisions, procrastination and laziness.

There are some ways that can be used to develop the quality of discipline:
1. Have a clearly defined goal in mind as it helps in achieving your goals much faster and smarter.
2. Develop a definite plan of action and start doing things in a regular, systematic and focused manner.
3. Free your mind from negative thoughts and influence and try to develop a positive frame of mind while you are at work.
4. Find a mentor who will guide and help you in getting the work done and will make you feel responsible towards your work.

Discipline makes it easier for an individual confident to achieve success in his chosen field of work.

Thus, it is essential that one knows to how to maintain discipline as it could mean the difference between success and failure.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 07/22/2013    Points:2    

I agree discipline is very essential in life and this has to be taught to children while they are still very young.It is difficult to discipline them at later years since their habits are formed and set in...

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