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Feed Your Skin For A Glowing Complexion !

June 29, 2013  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.00   Views: 918

A diet packed with fruits and vegetables can not only give you a glowing complexion but also help ward off premature aging and skin cancer..


Your Skin

If you are used to visiting beauty parlors frequently you might have come across this experience wherein your beautician begins by asking all about your diet and eating habits like - Are you watching your fat consumption ? Cutting back on red meat ? Loading up on luscious fruits and green leafy vegetables ? This is especially so when you have problem skin with pimples or acne.

For years dermatologists were not having any idea that you could eat your way to gorgeous skin and now the tables have been turned ! Evidence shows that the right diet can ward off wrinkles, banish breakouts and get your complexion glowing..

Changing theories

I remember my aunt telling me that she was never advised that ghee, too many chocolates and oily food was bad for skin by her dermatologist even when she consulted one for her skin rashes and pimples .This was of course a long time ago and the skin doctors those days would not say much about how diet affects the complexion.

Now, though evidence is steadily mounting that what you eat or don't ea ton a daily basis may indeed have a powerful effect on how radiant and smooth your skin looks - both at present and years down the line . Many of the dermatologists are already making nutrition counseling a standard part of their treatment strategies for everything from ageing to eczema. There are also many studies being conducted on the subject and in the coming days we may hear more about the affect of food on our skin ..

According to many dermatologists, even a slight shortfall in vitamins and nutrients may take a subtle toll on your complexion. According to them, if the skin cells don't get adequate vitamins and other nutrients and minerals, the metabolism of the cell gets short circuited and your skin begins to look a bit under the weather .

For example, when we take less Vitamin A, which is actively involved in the formation of new cells, your skin may become drier and flakier. Similarly any lack in Vitamin C, which is necessary for collagen formation, may result in your skin becoming rougher and thinner and less elastic. When you get too little iron into your system , which is very essential for women at all stages, your complexion may turn a shade paler and dark circles under your eye becomes pronounced.

Eating the right food

The obvious truth is that if you don't eat the right foods, your skin may even age faster than it should . This is because, every day our dermal cells are bombarded by free radicals generated by sunlight , chemicals and even by the cells' own metabolic processes. These molecules pierce call membranes and break down the skins collagen and elastic fibers , leading to pigment changes, wrinkles, even skin cancer. Indeed free radicals are now thought to be one of the major contributors to aging skin. So much so that some dermatologists now go so far as to perform blood tests to assess a patient's level of free radical activity, then prescribe customized diets and antioxidant rich cocktails and shakes.

So we can see the importance of diet . Some foods contribute to the creation of those nasty free radicals, which we need to stay away from ! Some other foods are packed with powerful substances , mainly antioxidants, capable of disarming the free radicals. However , eating the right food and eating our way to more luminous and radiant skin is not complicated at all. You don't need to make any major change in your diet, may be tweak it here and there ! A balanced diet rich in fibre and low in fat and plenty of liquid to start with and plenty of raw fruits and vegetables in any form .

Some excellent vegetables and fruits that pamper your skin are drumstick leaves, methi leaves, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, mangoes and papaya. All citrus fruits are good for the skin so make it a point to have at least one variety of it since our markets are flooded with sweet lemons, oranges and grape fruits. You can also get Vitamin C from fruits like berries, guava, grapes, melons etc..

Common skin problems and food cure

1, Controlling breakouts like pimples, rashes and rough skin patches - Dermatologists are of the opinion that iodine present in dairy products, fast foods and salty foods like chips and savories and shell fish can cause angry red pimples, which is an allergic skin reaction. On the other hand another mineral zinc seems to help in preventing pimples and acne and also is helpful in treating the problem after it has erupted. So zinc supplements help a lot in curing the problem..

2, A chronic skin condition called Rosacea - This is characterized by facial flushing and stubborn pimples along the forehead and cheeks. This can normally be seen in fair skinned women, often before the menopause sets in.

The cause for this according to experts is dilation of blood vessels that run on the surface of the skin. The cause may be consumption of Alcohol, Spicy foods as well as steaming hot food. And also foods containing Histamines such as sharp tasting cheese, vinegar and pickles. In case you want to eat these foods anyway, take an antihistamine so that the reaction gets minimised.

3,Eczema - In some cases Chronic conditions of eczema can be seen in some individuals, that leaves skin super dry, scaly and itchy, which is normally triggered by food allergy. Doctors have found that when eczema and psoriasis patients eat foods containing omega 3s , their complexion improves. In some people even severe dandruff may improve, such is the power of omega3..

Water and Liquids

Water is the most essential of all food that we consume. It not only keeps our cells plump and smooth, virtually every metabolic reaction that takes place in the skin depends on it. If you go thirsty often, your complexion might become noticeably drier and less resilient.
Similarly Fruit juices, Milk shakes and soups all count towards our liquid intake of at least 8 glasses each day. However, Coffee, Tea and cola are not counted since they all have caffeine, which is a diuretic that flushes water from your system. In fact for every glass of caffeinated drink that you consume you need to drink a glass of water other than the required 8 glasses.

Another beverage that needs to be taken in moderation is alcohol. Just one or two cocktails or glasses of wine a day can dehydrate the tissues and make wrinkles and facial puffiness more pronounced. Alcohol also induces flushing, which can lead to permanently enlarged capillaries that tend to look very prominent in delicate skin tones.

Vitamin Updates

The three important vitamins that are essential to keep your skin and complexion glowing are Vitamin A, C and E.
Vitamin A is known for its anti wrinkle qualities , while vitamin C collagen building and vitamin E is anti ageing element that keeps the skin young looking and supple. A combination of all three keeps our skin in tip top condition. So , make sure that you eat foods rich in all these vitamins and take supplements only when you are not sure that you are receiving the required nutrients.


A diet packed with fruits and vegetables can not only give you a glowing complexion but also help ward off premature aging and skin cancer..

Most food and nutritional experts are of the opinion that foods and not supplements are best when it comes to keeping your complexion well-nourished, since plants contain hundreds of beneficial compounds that almost certainly work together.
But in case it is impossible to meet the required food needs, it is better to take a supplement. But make sure that any supplement or capsules you swallow should be strictly done only after consulting your physician.

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Very useful and informative article.

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