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The Health Hazards of Smoking

July 05, 2013  by: Writer013  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.80   Views: 926

A brief look at the dangers of smoking and the diseases that are caused due to the smoking habit.


The Dangers and diseases caused by smoking

1. Smoking is a very dangerous and addictive habit that adversely affects not just the smoker but the smoker but also the health of all those around him.

2. The problem with smoking is that it gives temporary relief to the smoker that can have negative effects on an individual's well being for many years to come.

3. An average cigarette contains 700 toxic chemicals that are harmful and the effect of these chemicals is such that it can cause damage to almost every organ in your body and prevent them from performing their normal functions.

4. Nicotine is a highly addictive and habit forming substance present in cigarettes, that make the smoker crave more for the pleasure of smoking.

5. One must remember that adhering to a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis means nothing if you are a habitual smoker.

6. The long term effects and costs of smoking is evident by the poor quality of life and the many fatal diseases that smokers suffer from throughout their lifetime.

7. In fact, many smokers die in the prime of their youth by diseases caused by smoking such as respiratory and breathing problems caused due to lung cancer,throat cancer and heart ailments like coronary heart disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to name a few.

8. Smoking could also result in a decrease of the smoker's physical abilities such as reduced strength and stamina, poor performance, wheezing, coughing, dizziness, nausea and reduction in life expectancy.

9. It also leads to stained and discolored teeth and fingers, bad breath and even a smoker's clothes and place of residence usually smell of tobacco.

10. Smoking has very serious and life threatening effects on pregnant women who are at a higher risk of a miscarriage, congenital defects, other complications such as bleeding, detachment of placenta, ectopic pregnancy and premature birth and also the possibility of giving birth to a baby with a low birth weight or a stillborn baby.

11. Smoking is an expensive habit where the costs of smoking outweigh the benefits of not doing so. The money used for smoking could be utilized on many activities that are productive and help the individual to lead a better quality of life.

12. Smoking involves a lot of expenditure on treatment and medicines that could have been avoided by the smoker if he had chosen to refrain from smoking.

13. Smoking has a negative effect on the financial situation of the smoker as he has to spend a substantial part of his income on recovering from the illnesses that he may suffer from due to smoking.

14. Smoking is dangerous because not only does it diminishes the health of the smoker but also reduces the health of the people who do not smoke through secondhand smoking

15. Bad breath caused by smoking is expensive because it would require gum or mints to overcome the odor and having yellow teeth would also lead to an extra charge from the dentist aside from the usual cleaning. It also leads to the wrinkling of the skin earlier than usual.

16. Smokers put peoples lives at risk by disposing lit cigarette on the ground and also leads to air pollution due to the constant release of carbon monoxide in the surrounding areas.

17. Smokers have to pay high premiums when insured and those who die early do not allow their family to enjoy any financial security.

18. Cigarette smoking also affects the overall behavior of the person and also leads to breakups and disagreements with their loved ones.

19. Smoking also has emotional costs as dependence on smoking when one gets addicted can make a smoker stubborn and unable to live without smoking.

20. Most smokers find it difficult to break the habit of smoking even thought they are aware of the life threatening effects of smoking.

Although it is difficult to do, it is best to avoid the dangers of smoking by quitting the habit and leading a better quality of life instead of making yourself suffer and killing yourself for a few minutes of relaxation that does not add value to your life.

Author: Ronark Bhardwaj        
Posted Date: 01/01/2014    Points:2    

When there are so many bad effect of smoking, then i don''t understand why people smoke, even though people already know about its harmful effect. I am surprised, why don''t indian government ban on smoking?

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