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Megatypers Review

July 06, 2013  by: Mohamadi Quadri  Points: 15   Category: Others    Views: 1155

A review about the website Megatypers, which pays for typing captchas.


I hunted a lot of websites to earn from Typing. There are many websites that pay for typing. But many of the websites asks for registration fee to join. My search ended with a website that is absolutely free to join. It's Megatypers.

I have joined this website couple of months back. It is absolutely free to join. It pays for typing captchas. It pays 0.60$ to 1.5$ for typing 1000 captchas. The rate changes every hour. You get paid for every word you type according to the current hour rate. It displays the hour rate. It also doesn't have any limit; one can type any number of captchas in a day. But one needs to have a good typing speed. As one has to type the word in 15 sec, if one fails to do so you will be kicked out. Multiple kick outs will suspend the account of the individual.

It pays through PayPal, liberty reverse, Webmoney, and Western union .The minimum payouts vary according to the payout method. The minimum payout for PayPal, liberty reverse, Webmoney is 3$. One can request for payout through any of these methods on every Monday.
Whereas the minimum payout for western union its 100$. When reached 100$ one can request for payout on Tuesday of upcoming month.

So, one who is interested to earn from Typing and one who has good typing speed can join Megatypers and earn without limits. If you want to join Megatypers click here. Kindly enter this invitation code in the sign up form "5KUD".

At last, I want to bring to your notice a controversy regarding the website. According to the Megatypers website, they have clearly mentioned on the website that they are using these 'typed captchas' to help the blind people. Recently, I came across an article in which the author has mentioned that the websites like Megatypers are used by robbers for hacking websites. God only knows better!

Author: Adi        
Posted Date: 07/16/2013    Points:4    

A good review about Megatypers. Thanks for posting this article. But I think that 0.6$ for 1000 captchas is not a good amount. Also typing captchas are not like typing any ordinary word. We have to take care of capital and small letters and any characters. It is a difficult process.

Then I made a small calculation about the time needed to type 1000 captchas. It will be more than 4 hours if I take 15 seconds to type each captcha. This is not worth my time. I will earn more than that by posting articles in EK or even by viewing ads. Anyway thanks for the review.
Author: mksaife        
Posted Date: 08/07/2013    Points:5    

Thanks brother for giving this great review of Megatypers but i can only say one thing to you don''t wast your time in this type of sites.
When i register myself in this site i think i can make 3$ per day because my typing speed is good. But i can''t because there is no proof of your captcha correction. Mean this site did give any proof that you enter any captcha right or wrong.

If you use Mini task sites like Microworks, Shorttask, Mturk then you can make 10$ per day easily. So don''t use these kind of site.

This site is only run because of newbies. They says you can earn 1000$ per month by captcha typing but it is impossible with it.

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