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Guidelines to Resources:

1)  All the articles should be written by the authors in their own words expressing their own ideas.

2)  Articles should not be copied from other sources. Even partially copied articles/resources will not be entertained.

3)  The images used in any articles should not be copied. However, you can use images from free image hosting websites like Photo bucket etc.,  Do not use copyright Images and watermarked images of other authors.

4)  Images pointing to other personal Blog servers/websites will be deleted.

5)  Do not Post any information, data, text, or images, or other material that is unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, vulgar, obscene, libelous, or otherwise objectionable that may invade another's right of privacy or publicity.

6)  Do not use Chat keywords in any of the sections. Shortcuts such as "U", "Ur", "Urs", "Bcoz", "shld","thr","thru" etc., will not be entertained. Articles or Forum or any section containing such shortcuts or chat keywords will have less points and less money.

7)  Check the grammar, spelling, punctuation before submitting your resources. In case the Editors had to spend more time on your resources proofreading, then those Articles will fetch less points and less money. Same relates to Articles posted without proper Title and Summary.

8)  Use relevant categories for your Posts. Each Editor has expertise to review in those specific categories. Articles posted in irrelevant categories may lose points/money because it was reviewed by different editor.

9)  An article with good communication, well formatted, good grammar, well edited will fetch good points/money.

Guidelines to Forum Entries:

1)  Do not use Forum to give publicity to others websites, sources (Even its your own webiste/blog) etc.,

2)  Any links which are entered for marketing purposes will be deleted. Only your own blog or website link can be given as signature options or in your profile page.

3)  Any links used in the Forum entry, used as a signature, entered in the footer of the message etc., that are indicating marketing purpose/refferal link will be deleted.

4)  We try to send mails and communicate with members for any breach of rules. But if the members are violating even then, will be banned from the site and any future posts from them will not be entertained.

5)  Don’t start a thread for playing games. For e.g., starting a thread giving the option for Hit/Miss etc., will be deleted.

6)  Use proper Titles in the Forum. Titles which have a single word or words such as Help, Urgent will be deleted or will have fewer points.

7)  Before posting any message or asking a query to Editors/webmaster please go through the forum once. Your question might have been asked already. Also, when you are participating in a forum, do not write the same answers other members have written already for that post.  Just giving the same answer in different types will not serve the purpose or help the member with question.

8)  Please refer to FAQ section before asking any website related questions to webmaster. You may get most of your answers from the FAQ section.

9) If any of your activities found that is not good for this website. We will immediatly terminate your account.

10) You cannot use ExposeKnowledge forum, messaging system or any other platform in this website to advertise any other website/blogs or products.

Guidelines for Posting Deals:

1) Do not use Deal section to give publicity to others websites, sources (Even if its your own website/blog)

2) Dulpicate deals will not be entertained. Make sure the deals you are entering are not entered already in the website.

3) Each Deal should be authentic/Genuine.

4) Each Deal should have atleast 20-30 words as description and should have correct URL

5) As of now we are encouraging Deals available only in India. So ensure your deals are targetting only Indian consumers.

If you are not sure about anything, please do ask. Contact the webmaster/Editor and we will make sure you get a prompt reply to your questions.

Any violation of the guidelines will lead your account termination without any prior notice.



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