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Panasonic RP-DJ 100 Headphone

December 02, 2010   by: Unmesh  Points: 5    Category: Head Phones   
Drive Unit (diam. in mm) : 28
Impedance (ohm/1kHz) : 24
Sensitivity (dB/mW) : 102
Max. Input (mW) : 1000
Frequency Response (Hz-kHz) : 14-24
Cord Length (ft./m.) : 6.6/2.0
Plug Adaptor (6.3mm in diam.) : Yes
Plug Type : Gold
XBS : Yes
Magnet Type : Neodymium
Travel-fold Design
In-cord Volume Control : No
Single-side Monitoring : Yes
General Features

Model No.
RP-DJ 100


Manufacturer's Warranty
Brand Name: Panasonic
Website URL: http://ezone.futurebazaar.com/Product/Audio+%26+Video/Headsets/Panasonic+RP-DJ+100+Headphone/2439205


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