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Introduction to Accident Investigation Process in a Manufacturing Industry

Accident investigation is defined as a factual examination of the circumstances surrounding an accident for the purpose of knowing the cause and determine remedial measures in order to prevent a recurrence.

Types of Vehicle Insurance

There are two major types of vehicle insurance, namely, comprehensive vehicle insurance and third party vehicle insurance.

The First Ten Steps in First Aid

First aid is the immediate lifesaving treatment given in an emergent situation before the patient is hospitalized or taken to a doctor. The first few minutes after an accident are very essential to save life. In the fast lifestyle knowledge of first aid is very essential for every one.

Diwali Darkness for Minor Children of Firecracker Industries

Even though child labour is prohibited in India still the firecracker manufacturers engage child labour illegally by forcing them to do hazardous work for long hours against measly sums of money. While the whole country celebrates the lights of Diwali these bunch of hapless children are entrapped by the darkness of endless hazardous toil to satiate the greed of many firecracker manufacturers.

Little Roby Takes His Mom To School Carefully

Little Roby is just three years old. It has been very difficult to manage him walk across the road. His mom was trying all tricks to control his running across the road. And at last she succeeded.

Major causes of road accidents

The major causes of road accidents in India incompetent drivers.
Students driving without proper licences.

The Incident That Shook Me

When i was young, i used to be very naughty and was also very active. I was very daring enough to face up anything at that young age. But one incident really shook me....

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