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Osama the Robin Hood

Terrorist or Hero?

12 Frank Sinatra Quotations

Frank Sinatra: Many people talked about him, but have you listened to what he said? We may agree or disagree, but I do think that it is very interesting. Do you agree?

Why Is the Veterans Day So Important to the Americans and the World?

Veterans Day is observed all over the US. This year's Veterans Day on November 11 has a special meaning as it is celebrated on an auspicious day of number 11. Leaving aside all the numerological aspects let us make it more meaningful to the world at large.

Told And Untold Stories Of R.M.S. TITANIC (Part III)

As the Captain of R.M.S. Titanic and few others of the crew came to know of the cruel reality that Titanic was sure to be doomed and there wasn't much time to spare lowering of lifeboats were ordered by the Captain into the water with passengers on board. From this point onwards the remarkable human stories surrounding the sinking of Titanic started to unfold itself.

At The Brink of World War

A short poem which describes world war as being near, and about how spiritual merits protect from fear

Turkey Will Not thank On Thanksgiving Day

Turkey will not and cannot thank anyone on the Thanksgiving Day! How can the “Korban” animal or bird thank the one who offers? The turkey is the main victim cut and eaten on the Thanksgiving Day. Why it happened that turkey became the victim of the Day?

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