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Healing with Herbs

Healing with herbs and the birth of medicine in ancient India.

Ayurveda Suggests Eating Sugar Before A Meal

Ayurveda means "science of life". It suggests ways and means for a healthy living. According to it, eating sweets before, and not after, a meal is quite healthy. It regulates the element 'fire'.

Why Is Hair Loss Increasing In Modern Life?

Modern world is growing balder. Both men and women of this computer era are losing hair. The more they are worried about their hair they more they are losing it.

Did Steve Jobs Try Milk Thistle for his Cancer?

Carrying acute pain of cancer in his frail and weak body, Steve Jobs was just pulling his life till he reached his death. He tried all conventional medicines. Did he ever try alternative medicines to treat his cancer?

An Ayurveda Thought for Breast Cancer Month

The month of October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month. all over the world. Every nation undertakes some activity to create awareness among women about the importance of early detection of breast cancer which is alarming the world as a challenging menace.

Dhanwanthari the Divine Healer and God of Ayurveda

Dhanwanthari the divine healer is considered as the God of Ayurveda. His birthday is celebrated two days before the Festival of Lights-Diwali. Hindu Vedas and puranas hail him as the physician of gods and all celestial beings.

October is the Month of Holy Baths

While the western world is engaged in festive activities of Halloween and feasts of All Saints and All Souls, India in the east is engaged in observing Tula Snan, the Holy Month of Bath and celebrating the Ganges Bath festival, Diwali.

Why Should You Avoid Onion and Garlic on Fasting Days?

Fasting in religions literally means to be away from the thought of food and to be nearer to God.
Hindu Puranas say that consumption of onion or garlic brings us closer to tamo guna, mode of ignorance, which characterizes the nature of the demons and thus is detrimental to any religious observation.

Eight Ayurvedic herbal Remedies for Gout

Gout is a kind of arthritis affecting the computer world more and more. Sedentary life style and the changing food habits are main reasons for this threatening illness. Ayurveda suggests some effective remedies for this growing disease.

Ayurvedic cure for Parkinson's disease

Parkinson's disease can affect anyone, regardless of social or economic differences. More than 50,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson's disease every year. Medical world is struggling to treat this deadly disease.

Different Effective Ways to Treat Stress Problems

Will 1 worry about the actual heap associated with delinquent expenses or even awaiting thrilling modifications within our existence, such as the delivery of the nephew -- there's a plenty of stuff that help to make all of us seem like the "big clog associated with stress" which impacts our overall health in an exceedingly poor method.

Food and Mood

What we eat creates our moods. We can be happy by controlling what we eat.

Uses of Avocado in Ayurveda

Although avocado is a fruit from central America, it is gaining popularity all over the world, especially in developing countries including India. It has rich nutritional values and is recommended for weak and anemic children and adults.

Tridosha, the Basis of Ayurveda

Five elements of nature and the three dhoshas form the basis of our health system. Ayurveda the ancient medical system of India explains the reasons for our diseases.

Treat Kidney Stone With Natural Home Remedies

Kidney stone has been a painful formation from the dawn of human life. Heredity plays an important role in this formation. They can be avoided and treated with some easy home remedies.

An Ayurveda Love Bird From Italy

Ayurveda has been appreciated by many in Europe, especially in Germany, France and Italy. Every November the Ayurvedic loving bird, Dr. Antonio Morandi, flies from Italy to Thrissur, the Ayurvedic city of South India.

Eye Protection An Emergent Necessity

In the computer era the importance of the eyes to the human beings need not be emphasized. Ayurveda suggests eye care tips that can be adopted to avoid most of the eye problems.

Leech Therapy of Ayurveda Heals Blood-related Diseases

Leech therapy, which is called in Ayurveda system as Jalauka or Rakta Moksha, is an old form of Ayurvedic detoxification with the help of lthe creeping insect leech. It heals most of the blood-related diseases.

Care Your Hair for Successin Life

Hair care is very important in modern life. Globalization is forcing the commercial world to discover the best methods and styles, products and procedures to manage the feathery tresses.

Ayurveda Uses of the Sweet Root Licorice

Licorice, a root that is 50 times sweeter than sugar, has wonderful health benefits. Since ancient days, licorice has been used for treating various aliments, including liver and stomach disorders, cough and sore throat.

Ayurveda Influenced Ancient Medical System of Egypt

Ayurveda, an ancient medical system of India, had been greatly influencing civilizations of the ancient world. This holistic system had profound influence on the medical systems of ancient Egypt. Archaeological evidences prove that Ayurvedic philosophy of India had much influence with the health care system in ancient Egypt.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Restores Your Youth

Can you imagine going back to your youthful days? Ayurveda says it can restore your youth. Panchakarma of Ayurveda cleanses the toxins from body and rejuvenates. It makes your body and mind resurrect with fresh energy, restoring balance in the system of the body.

The Golden Herb to Protect Your Heart

The golden herb turmeric, botanically called curcuma longa, is a symbol of life and prosperity in India. Recently, it has been proved that the rich antioxidant ingredient of turmeric lowers the risk of post bypass operation heart attacks. Turmeric powder is an important ingredient in every South Indian dish. The rhizome is dried and used for its medical and culinary benefits.

Ayurvedic Yoga to Alleviate Asthma

Asthma has been on a remarkable increase in recent decades. Although there are many reasons for asthma, winter makes the asthma victims worse. Ayurveda, the ancient medical system of India, can ease the symptoms of asthma by Ayurvedic medicines and yoga exercises.

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