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Buddhist Pilgrimage...Mahabodhi Temple

Mahabodhi Temple is a Buddhist temple which is located at Bodh Gaya which is 96 Km from Patna, Bihar state of India. It is a major Buddhist site and the temple finds mention in the ancient literature

The Secret Wisdom of the Tibetan Book of the Dead

Tibet has been an ancient land on the Himalayan Mountains. It has rich sources of ancient knowledge. Most of its hidden treasures have not yet reached modern world.

Relationship Between Hinduism and Buddhism

Hinduism and Buddhism are ancient religions which have a lot in common.They are like mother and daughter.It is quite interesting to study their relationships.

Buddhism a Balm of Bliss for the Bruised World

World today needs some blue rays to treat the bruises of terrorism and war threats. Buddha teaches the knowledge of balm-like relationship through better communication. His philosophy brings the whole humanity attain freedom and equality which the modern world aspires for.

Yoga is best when performed in the Morning

Yoga exercise, whenever carried out earlier each morning provides lots of advantages towards the person. Yoga exercise is actually a kind of physical exercise which involves the actual bodily, religious as well as spoken wellness from the person.

China - A Complete overview

China is a land of beauty and mystery. Many people are not aware of China’s rich cultural history because they do not know the language. The Chinese people have contributed a lot to the improvement of mankind. Interesting facts about China, its cuisine, martial arts and religions are provided below.

Goddesses of Buddhism

India is a land of pantheism. Buddhism which came from Hinduism also worships many goddesses. A fascinating and diverse array of female deities such as Mayadevi, Prthvi, and Sri Lakshmi can be found in Buddhism. The concept of goddesses in Buddhism yields an insight to the religions of Asia.

Sacred Tree Sandalwood Used For Bladder Infections

The sacred paste of sandalwood worn by Hindus on their forehead is an effective antiseptic and is used for treating urinary infections. It is not a surprise that sandalwood oil has been approved by Germany’s Commission E to be used with other therapies for treating bladder infections.

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