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How to Get Pregnant In 60 Days Or is it a lie?

Thousands of women from almost every age have completely reversed any infertility problem they had, and became pregnant naturally, without drugs, without risky surgery or "magic potions," simply using the method clinically proven, scientifically accurate How to Get Pregnant in 60 Days.

How to become a good child of your parents ?

All parents want their child to be a good child . This article is regarding how to become a good child of your parents .

How to become a good child of your parents ?

All parents want their child to be a good child . This article is regarding how to become a good child of your parents .

Effective Keys To Parental Discipline

When it comes to talking parental discipline - is prepared. It can be an actual very touchy subject.

Tips To Be Stress Free While Raising A Child

Children are very mischievous and tend to do all possible mischief around. Ad a parent or guardian, one needs to be stress free and help the child to lead the right way.
If one is tired, fatigued or stressed, this may react by lashing out at the child. It happens to most parents some time or the other.

Horror of Corporal Punishment in Schools

The issue of Corporal Punishment is of utmost importance as it deals with the posterity of the Country. Horrible incidents are reported with almost alarming frequency in the media from all around the Country. I've tried to discuss the issue in detail and search for solutions.

Childhood Synonym to Happiness

Childhood Synonym to Happiness

If parents inherit their child

A death is always an emotional event, especially if your child is concerned. If your child has no partner and no children behind, you inherit as a parent (s) if your other children. If your child has no will, subject to the law of inheritance.


Boarding schools are known to imbibe the children with a sense of discipline with regards to habits like sleeping on time, waking up early, exercising and other hygiene related habits.
Boarding schools can make children detached from their family, if the child is bitter about being sent to a boarding school.
Boarding schools are known near down the children with a sense of discipline with regards to habits like sleeping on time, waking up early, exercising and other hygiene related habits.

Causes Anxiety Attacks in Children

Concern for children and adults is a common, healthy emotions felt in response to numerous stimuli. But when the stress is frequent, unreasonable and difficult, can be regarded as a disorder. Bouts of anxiety attacks can close the child routine that affects their work at school and at home, although it is largely safe, anxiety attacks can change the child's life.

Early Age And Reading

The child should be introduced to reading as a pleasurable activity rather than as a burden that has to be endured.

What should parents know about the symptoms of ADHD in children

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a disorder that is becoming more apparent every year.

Broken families and Parental Fights Hurt Children

In broken families and marital discords children are the one that are most affected, as per the experts. So it is the duty of the parents to work out ways that would benefit the child and his or her mental health in the long run.

Showing Love and Care for Our Children

Sometimes, when you do something wrong, your mother or father explains to you that what you have done is bad. At first you may feel sad about what she or he tells you. But later on, you learn that your father and mother only want you to be good always.

Dishonourable Honour Killings of India

'Honour Killing' is becoming very much notorious in India with the rise in the number of cases in recent times. Though it is mainly prevalent in the Hindu community but there are reports of such killings in other communities as well. It is a social crime that needs to be addressed soon and in a holistic manner.

Personality Development !

Ultimately what matters is to understand our weaknesses and try to overcome them and also know our strength and utilise it to the best of our capacity .

Cardiopulmonary Resucitation (CPR)

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is a procedure to support and maintain breathing and circulation for a person who has stopped breathing (respiratory arrest) and/or whose heart has stopped (cardiac arrest).

The Stories of Autism People in the Society

For famously of us a visit to the dentist is a loathsome thought, disguise a large interject of the citizens in truth experiencing an un-rational worry of the drill noise, smells and stable the dentist himself!

5 simple rules for teaching your child discipline

How to teach your ward the daily activity.

How To Guide The Gifted Child

Child is a wonderful bounty of God.We must take proper care to nurture and guide them properly so that they can be a good human being as well as can achieve to find their true goal in life

Affordable family beach vacation

Summer Memories ... of it is always nice. And memories of vacations spent at sea, pleasant double. New friends, fun, fun games on the beach, tanning - Did not leave a lasting impression in memory?

The Childlike Aspect of a Person's Psyche

Six girls and their inner child.

What About Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Social Characteristics of an Individual? Part One

Many people are active, vigorous, and hopeful. Others are romantic. Others are realistic and scrupulous. Others have high moral principles. What about you?

Avoiding Summer Injuries - The Healthy Summer Information

Every summer children from coast to coast are usually briefly released from the required university and allowed to atone for the fun routines they didn't have enough time regarding throughout the college 12 months.

Diwali Darkness for Minor Children of Firecracker Industries

Even though child labour is prohibited in India still the firecracker manufacturers engage child labour illegally by forcing them to do hazardous work for long hours against measly sums of money. While the whole country celebrates the lights of Diwali these bunch of hapless children are entrapped by the darkness of endless hazardous toil to satiate the greed of many firecracker manufacturers.

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