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AnythinginIT.com has reached many landmarks in just few months of span

1. Google Rank is Four out of Ten
2. Daily visits 36000 (one million a month)
3. Registered database of 60,000
4. AnythinginIT is ranked 6855 among millions of websites in the world
5. AnythinginIT is ranked No. 2 among millions of websites in the world in Computer Hardware Category (Source : www.ranking.com)
6. We have already 12500 products Listed of 150 Brands
7. Trust Gauge Score: 6/10 (Sourc

Cyber Forensic- The way to handle Cyber Crime

This article is completely related to cyber world.Cyber Forensic (also known as Computer Forensic or Digital Forensic) is a special branch of Forensic Science that has emerged over the last two decades to determine the ever increasing Cyber Crimes.I hope you'll enjoy it.

How the Internet evolved and How it works ?

The evolution and working of internet is briefly described.

Computer hardware and software maintenance

There are 2 things to consider in maintaining the stability and performance of a computer, they are the hardware and software. It is very important to maintain these two to avoid failure of the computer.

Three Tips for a Better Defrag

Three Tips for a Better Defrag

Microsoft Excel: Convert rows to columns

Convert rows to columns

Calculate time between dates in Excel

Calculate time between dates in Excel

Enter URLs as text, not hyperlinks in Excel

Enter URLs as text, not hyperlinks in Excel

Remove hyperlinks from your work in Excel

Remove hyperlinks from your work in Excel

Use template worksheets

Use template worksheets

Access help for Lotus

Access help for Lotus

Computer Networking

A network is a group of systems that are interconnected to allow sharing of files or sharing of resources (like printers) or for the purpose of sharing services like internet.

What are cookies ? How to remove cookies from your PC

Cookies are not spies.The information about the website that the internet user browses is temporarily stored in the computer by these cookies. When required later they are fetched back from that location instead of the server situated somewhere in the world.

Internet Fax Dialer

Use your fax machine to send faxes over the Internet, via e-mail or to other fax machines

Market Pulse 2000 Express

This software provides real-time information on stocks and helps you analyze it

ESS ebizframe

An Internet-enabled ERP solution for automating businesses that also has value-adds like e-mail and chat

HR Net Manager

A Web-based recruitment software to manage, screen, and shortlist résumés as well as organize interviews

How to spy on office computers using Watchdog software?

A software that lets you monitor what people on your network are doing on their PCs

Fortiora DEFT

A security product that encrypts data files for e-mailing

How to change your PC welcome screen

Follow these steps to change the welcome screen of your computer and thus customize your computer as you wish.

Tips in taking care of your computer's health using Utility Software

These tips provide you a summary of the most important Utility Software that can take care and boost your computer's performance. This is the Scandisk and Defragment Utility Software, it may be built-in already in your operating system, or you may download third party software.

Basic Things to Consider When Purchasing a Hard Drive

This article provides detailed information on what things to consider when buying a computer hard drive. I wrote the three basic but critical aspects that should be considered on a hard drive like compatibility, storage capacity, and hard drive speed.

Simple Tips on Computer Maintenance

This article provides simple tips on how to maintain a computer and what are the things you need to consider in repairing and maintaining the performance of your personal computer.

3 Things to Consider on Gaming Laptops

This article discusses the 3 important components together with its detailed information that a laptop should have so that it can be reliable especially if the laptop is for gaming purpose.

How to make Google search more effective ?

Whenever a student is asked to say a search engine name "Google" will be the first answer.All of us search in internet using Google.But by adopting some techniques we can make the search results more effective.

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