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Ten Natural Treatments for Endangering Panics

Panic is one of the most crippling psychological disorders of modern life. Panic attacks can be debilitating and destructive. Fear of death and recurrent attacks can lead you to avoidance behavior. Panic has to be treated in time.

Eight Tips to Manage Poisonous Bites

Reptiles and insects move about everywhere causing health hazards. Snakes, scorpions and even some kinds of lizards that are poisonous can be seen moving. Their numbers and movements peak during warm weather and it may not be easy to find or capture them. Hence it is safer to have some remedies at hand to manage the situation.

Three Bombs Threatening Humanity

Every one of humanity is threatened today by three most dangerous bombs. The red bomb of nuclear power, the yellow bomb of suicidal debt and the green bomb of global warming are threatening to destroy the whole world into complete annihilation within seconds.

Keep Green Pots and Kill Workplace Stress

Work is worship. But how can you perform well if you are squeezed by your workplace stress? Kill your workplace stress by keeping some green potted plants in your office.

Oh Hiroshima We Are Still Scared Of Another Atomic Rain

The rain of fire that made history dark was forced on this day, 6th of August 1945, a day of tragedy. The most cruel war was stopped by The Little Boy (the codename of the bomb dropped in Hiroshima), the first nuclear weapon used in warfare.

Beware: Pain Killers Turn Real Killers

Modern stressful life is hooked with the habit of taking painkillers even at slightest symptom of pain. But unfortunately realities say that these painkillers turn real killers in due course.

Confusing Commercial Tricks of Cosmetic Ingredients

Commercialism plays all kinds of tricks to catch consumers and thrust their products into their hands. Cosmetics such as shampoo and soaps are some examples for this. One has to be very careful about the ingredients of these products.

Protein May Be Dangerous For Your Health

Protein is an essential part of diet, necessary for every cell in the body. No other nutrient plays as many different roles as protein in keeping you alive and healthy. Though essential too much of protein is dangerous for your health.

Skating On Thin Ice

We are experiencing winter. The whole area is covered by snow. Every now and then snow falls and adds the layers of ice everywhere. we hear stories of severe winter from various parts of the world. Walking outside is risky during these days. Just walking on thin sheets of ice gives us an experience of skiing or skating.

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