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Some tips to keep your customers happy and satisfied.

Any kind of business depends on customers if the customers are happy and satisfied the business will run in profit. This is my article regarding some tips on how to keep customers happy.

How To Improve Quality Education In India

To improve quality education in India Government must form a new Public Private partnership and should form a new educational insurance scheme for all babies.

3D - The new era in movies

About the new evolution brought down by 3D films. Some facts about 3d movies

Private participation in Tourism Development

We know that most of the tourist destinations are controlled by the government itself. But what if a private sector joining is welcomed so that its beneficial for all. This article discuss about the good and bad in private partnership in tourism development.

How does todays lifestyle affect children?

Now a days we all can see what we have achieved and how much we have developed. The life is hi-tech and luxurious and people are enjoying each and every facility they wished before years. Everything seems to be good and the world is shrunken to one's fist, you can say. You can do your daily works with just some button clicks and there are many kinds of machine which have replaced humans and saved their time and efforts. Without the technology Life has become miserable to human beings

Wordpress Development Services

Development Agency Wordpress blog open-source publishing application runs on PHP and MySQL.

Music for Children - The Infant Development through the Music

Vague Professor of Child Education. More than 6,000 vague in Education!

Music can be used for the development, learning, socialization and maturing of the child. The music for children help to develop several aspects as the intelligence, reasoning, memory, motor coordination, the conscience rhythmics, musicality, the ludic, among other aspects engines, cognitive and affective partner.

Let your children learn by their fingers

Observing a learning activity is good for children. But trying the activity by their fingers are hundred times better than observing.

Towards the saturation of Globalisation

Globalisation is a not a new word now. It has become so common as we are familiar with its effects both in the Industry and Society. Lets analyse as we are moving towards the saturation level of Global village concept.

Beware of Toolbars while freeware Installations

Lots of freeware on Internet nowadays are adding other associated software while installation, with or without the knowledge of the user. Some of those software are toolbars that pose threats and inconveniences of their own.

Personality Development !

Ultimately what matters is to understand our weaknesses and try to overcome them and also know our strength and utilise it to the best of our capacity .

Success Is In Your Own Hands

Everybody wants to succeed in life. Failure makes us dejected and worried. But success is in our own hands. Everyone can succeed.

Education Brings Enlightment

Education should bring enlightment in one's life.

Reading makes a person imaginative ,intelligent and sensitive!

Studies have shown that children who read a lot are more intelligent and do better in studies and later in their career as well.

Human resource - Tomorrow's greatest resource

Human resource is a great asset to a country''s economy. Man power should be handled with care. Balance should be maintained between resources and users.

Technology and it's importance on our modern life

Technology is related to the technical knowledge. Technology makes our life easier in many ways. If an electric device is invented, technology will tell us how to make it useful or how to operate it. Technology is also related to the making and manufacturing of a thing. Aircraft technology is a technology which makes improvement of aviation sector. Not only aircraft technology, it can be space technology, it can be communication technology or medical technology.

9 Points to Personal Development

We all want to develop ourselves. Personal growth is as important as the progress around us. We should develop in ourselves the confidence of building a much better nation.

Independence: Are we happy now?

On 15th August, we have celebrated our independence. After 65 years of Independence, are we really happy?

World Post Day for Universal Development

October nine of every year is observed as World Post Day. It marks the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in 1874 in the Swiss capital Berne. Postal departments connect people globally. This day is observed to recognize their services and to promote new postal products and services.

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