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Defining what is human

Human resources can be the most misunderstood of all corporate departments, but they are most needed. People working in the Human Resources Department are not only responsible for hiring and firing of personnel, but also are responsible for contacting the personal references and administering employee benefits.

Primary school children also have values

Many times, parents and teachers try to reason with young children why they have not given a pencil to a classmate or why they attacked another, assuming that the child understand them accurately, but is this so?

Prevention of latex allergy in healthcare environment.

Allergy to natural rubber latex has an increased incidence in all developed countries. Currently it is estimated that in Spain there is a 1% of population sensitized to this substance, much higher percentage for identified risk groups.

Simple Tips in Spelling

There are two main stumbling blocks to spelling, what are they?

Proofreading your Articles through the Proper Use of Capitalization, Punctuation and Spelling

Mechanics refers to the standard practices for the presentation of words and sentences, including capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. As with grammar, there are many rules for mechanics, but here I will cover the ones that cause many article writers the most problems.

Manger Predicts the Danger Signs

Manger has been the inseparable symbol of Christmas. It is the humble place where the divine Baby was laid down on this earth- because he was not given a proper place to be born. Does the “manger birth” predicts the danger to the children of the modern world?
Manger is not a Mayan Calendar to predict the “Doomsday”. But it DOES PREDICT the dangers the children face in the “technologically advanced” modern world.

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