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How to handle with Recession

The global economy has faced a huge recession in the previous years. There are chances that recession may come back. We have to handle it carefully for our safety.

How to counter recession

We have already experienced a recession time. Here are the ways to counter recession if it happens again in the economy.

Dell Introduces High Capacity SDLT-320 Tape Storage Technology

Backup store confidential information is essential for stability and prosperity in the economy. The growth of the organization in the future, the Board of Directors and depend mainly on the information and make business strategies on customer data, based before, and users of financial statements, sales and other data is information backup information about your transfer store to stop in a reliable way - Set your sites and keep data for many years to regulate.

Businesses and energy-saving bulbs

A few tips that may help you when you buy energy saving bulbs for business buildings and offices.


The financial market is being adulterated by copious fake currency notes of five hundred and thousand rupees and the common man has to bear the brunt of it. This article also divulges the concealed truth about how the banks are adding fuel to fire, while the authorities are utterly callous.

Current world and Economy

It's a completely different approach to business and labor, if you deal with the economy.

Economy leads management thinkers and practitioners who create their own economic policies and membership or monetary or fiscal policy, a new approach, and forces us all that we know and think. This will be an economic revolution in economic management in the future.

Marketing guru is an actual approach to real economic society. It was published in the journal of World Council digest.


India and the current economy

n India, people get employment opportunities, improve conditions of farmers and increase export horticulture sector has great hands. Sbgioan fruit yields in 2003-04 and India was second in the world. Fruit, flowers and vegetables cultivated in exports are quite well.

Your Car's Fuel Efficiency !

Here are some tips that would help you get the best mileage out of your car and also help you keep your vehicle in tip - top condition!

Made in India, Sold in the world

Decades back, this was just a dream and now the scenario has changed. With market oriented strategies and globally focused production techniques, country is reaching new heights.

Business in India

Many people wants to do a business in India because of new opportunity and today's growth and young man power.

The Curse of Poverty in India: Will it go Away ?

Poverty is rising in India and reaching alarming proportions.


Israel is wonderful country.It is advance in technology and education.

Croaking Onions of India

Onion is one of the essential commodities of India. Sometimes it dominates the political arena.

Human resource - Tomorrow's greatest resource

Human resource is a great asset to a country''s economy. Man power should be handled with care. Balance should be maintained between resources and users.

Who needs Reservation?

Reservation - Implemented with a good intention to diminish the gap in the society. Decades passed, now is the same reservation causing a gap in the society?

All About Ireland, the Third Largest Island in Europe - Part One

Ireland, the third largest island off the northwest coast of continental Europe: its geography, climate, economy, flora.

All About Ireland, the Third Largest Island in Europe - Part Two

Ireland, the third largest island off the northwest coast of continental Europe: its geography, climate, economy, flora.

Can The World Survive This Year?

People all around the world are very nervous reading out news from various sources about the present world coming to an end this year. We all just hope that this news will prove wrong

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