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Benefits Of exercise

How Exercise keep us fit and what type of exercise is better for us?

Benefits of Proper Sleeping

For A healthy Body we need to sleep properly. Here are some good tips for proper sleeping

How To Perform Thigh Slimming exercises.

A body always requires to be proportionate from head to toe. The misappropriate body is due to the accumulation of fat in the body. In general, we find this fat accumulates in the hips and thighs. This fat accumulation would result in the disproportionation of the body.

Arthritis-Types and Prevention

This article is about the arthritis which is common joint disease, mostly in adults. some tips you can follow to Prevent arthritis.

Walking - The Best Exercise To Lead A Healthy Life.

We must be health conscious. Exercises keep our health fit. The best exercise is walking. So walk to the healthy and happy life.

About Diabetes Mellitus

Basic information that a common man should know about diabetes as its a very fast growing disease in the world. Factors, Symptoms, Prevention etc are discussed in this article.

Healthy Bone For Stopping Osteoporosis

Software Engineer Karen Liew's brother suffered from osteoporosis two years ago and he is worried that, along with her current sedentary lifestyle, he might be in danger of contracting the disease as well.

About Cardio metabolic syndrome

In todays luxurious and sweat less life, cardio metabolic syndrome is increasing. Not only in developed countries, it is slowly moving to developing countries also.

Ways to make your skin look young

In this article I am giving few ways by which you can make the clock go back and retain the freshness and elasticity of your skin. The ways by which you can make your skin look young.

Initial Steps to Loose Weight

In this article I am giving you the initial steps that you need to follow if you want to loose weight.


We, ourselves are the Doctors for our good health!
It does not require one to maintain a strict schedule of gyms, health clubs, doctors and therapists...it just require simple day-to-day tips to remain fit. We ONLY can make this possible, which is GOOD & What is bad for our health!

Educational games for children and adults

Youth and adult education for sustainable development through games and interactive activities. It is in secondary school, education or English.

How to overcome stress in day-to-day life?

The world has become too busy and full of stresses. Suddenly working hours extends to a longer period, budgets become tighter and in general people are overbooked and exhausted.

How to be in shape during holidays?

Many times many people loose their body shape by putting more weight. This article talks about how can you even stay in shape during holidays.

Ways to gain healthy weight

If you are among those people who want to gain weight then it is very important for you to know how to gain weight that is healthy and that will not be bad for you.

Healhy Life

Regular sex would be good for health.Explanation follows in this article.

Memory power - can be improved

Memory power goes on decreasing with increasing age. Memory power can be increased or improved with the help of certain simple practices. This article will tell you how it can be done.

Banish Back Pain!

These are useful ways to help ease back pain!

Yoga practices and its benefits

Yoga methods contain the complete ground of our survival, from the physical, emotional and psychological to the spiritual. Its methods include moral disciplines, physical postures, breath control, as well as meditation.

Pros and cons of using laxatives for constipation

Constipation is a condition in which bowel movements occur less often than normal, and usually accompanied by the effort and feeling of incomplete emptying of the bowel. Doctors can sometimes take a laxative to treat constipation . The advantages of using laxatives for treatment include relief of symptoms of constipation and the easy passage of stools. Laxatives, however, have some disadvantages or negative effects when used improperly, such as allergic reactions, lack of vitamin A , chronic con

How to be a good student to do simple tips

Being a good student goes beyond getting good grades. Be aware that the future is out there, close by, waiting for us, it is important that we examine responsibility as one of the most important for now and for the foreseeable future. Here are some useful tips that you take advantage of this important stage of your life:

Juice Weight Loss

By adding fresh nutrient dense fruits, vegetables and green juices to your daily routine, you will be amazed at how easily and quickly you can accelerate your goals depérdida weight and feel your absolute best.

Some tips to stay fit and healthy

This article is all about staying fit and healthy.Many people always fall sick and do not know what to do to stay fit and healthy .This article will be really helpful to all such people.

Benefits of Good Health and Wellness in your Daily Life

Good health and wellness is essential to keep fit and prevent diseases. Health and wellness programs, family activities and diet are basic factors for healthy body, mind and soul. Here are few tips for the same.

About Your Body's Performance

We are all conscious from our lessons in school all those time ago that our bodies are prepared up of water, fat, muscle and all sorts of possessions that when place as one by a superior power produces our body. What we don't recognize as well is what our body actually and really is prepared up of and what it wants to perform and what it wants to abandon.

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