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It is very interesting facts that I would like to share with you all.

What is Quran - Facts some Quran

* According to the doctrine of the Islamic Faith (Teachings that God taught Muhammad finished Quran and other forms of revelation) that the commandments of God (God) in Quran supersede all preceding commandments that were revealed in early revelations specified as Laws and Scripture.

How to Distinguish Between Fact and Opinion

Distinguishing between fact and opinion is a vital critical thinking and reasoning skill. To make wise decisions and solve problems effectively, you need to know the difference between what people think (opinion) and what people know (fact); between what people believe to be true (opinion) and what has been proven to be true (fact). You should also be able to determine whether something presented as fact is really true or if you should accept it as a tentative truth.


here is some very interesting facts

Facts About Nutrition and Nutritional Information

Nutrition facts and nutritional information help promote proper eating and advice on healthy foods.

The Best Fort Museum to visit in India

In this article an overview of the splendour and grandeur of Mehrangarh fort, Jodhpur is highlighted.
This article will take you to a virtual trip inside the fort. As you read you will know the facts and mysteries of the legendary beauty, royalty and valour of its times when the Rajput kings ruled the land. Tourists enjoy the amazing traditional Rajput welcome and festivals. International music concerts organized inside the fort premises is outstanding.

Depression - Some facts

All human beings have problems in their personal lives that often drives them to depression. In fact, the more problems you get to face the stronger and more self confident you become, you can handle anything in life now without getting frustrated or going to pieces

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