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Good benefits when you believe the true God.

Believing is way to claimed all the promises of God given in His Word.Believing in Him is to put your confident in Him,every thing that comes up in your life.

How to pray

Prayer is the very powerful tool's to live every day because God is your companion and you are talking to.

Faith: The Antidote to Man's Midlife Crisis

A poem that describes a man's midlife crisis and a successful way to deal with it

Acrostic Name for Girls: Valentina, Wanda, Agnes, Faith, Stephanie, Emmanuelle

Here are their beautiful names: Valentina, Wanda, Agnes, Faith, Stephanie, Emmanuelle.
Some thoughts about them.

The Yeast that Leavens Prayer Bread

Yeast is used to leaven bread. Baker's yeast is known all over the world as an ingredient used to leaven bread and other bakery products. Faith serves as the yeast of prayer. Jesus Christ points out that faith is the kernel of true prayer.

The Purpose of Religion, Faith and God

Religion is more like an institution which has become very complicated as years went by and the institution got firmly rooted in our society . But belief in God gives people the strength to face difficulties.

Four Strings of Your Life Guitar

Human life is a musical instrument. A bass guitar usually has four strings. Your life is like a guitar of four strings. Each string in a guitar brings out different sound. When the sounds are in a harmony, they produce wonderful music. Each string produces a different tune.Strings bring both pleasant as well as unbearable sounds.

The Power of Faith - Part 1

Here''''s a little bit of introduction of the village where the story is set as well as the characters in the story.

The Power of Faith - Part 2

The boys have gone to play and in their own elements. They care the least for anyone and have decided to enjoy their time to the fullest.

The Power of Faith - Part 3

The boys are now busy playing and are engrossed in their own world. The conversation goes on among them and they are visibly enjoying themselves.

The Power of Faith - Part 5

It is now time to take care of Somnath''''s mother as well. She is in a shock after hearing the news of her son.

The Power of Faith - Part 4

There is now all the hustle and bustle and the boys seem dont seem to understand what to do.

Walking Through the Dark Tunnel

Every human life is a walk through the dark tunnel. It is an exciting experience. There is a shining dot at the end of the tunnel. With hope that we get through love and faith we can reach the end of darkness.

Welcome My Precious

I welcome the new year 2013 with open arms. It is a free but precious gift to me. For a person of faith each day of the year brings blessing.

Believing in Destiny (Karma)

Life is complicated and imbalanced and when things go wrong we tend to blame it on destiny..

Indian Judiciary - in need of reforms

As things stand today Indian judiciary needs to reform quickly , so that there is more accountability and fairness and more importantly make sure that people do not lose faith and trust in the legal system of our country

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