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Tips maintain family harmony

Housekeeping is the beginning of living the life.

Evolution Of Joint Families

"Joint Family" is a very common word used among the Indians. Joint Family consists of all the descendents belonging to the same ancestor who are residing under the one roof of a house

Why The Law Of Attraction Is Also Difficult To Implement?

People often ask why the Law of Attraction works for many people so difficult to apply in my life? Maybe you're one of those people that something is frustrated by the results.

Walking - The Best Exercise To Lead A Healthy Life.

We must be health conscious. Exercises keep our health fit. The best exercise is walking. So walk to the healthy and happy life.

The power of Human mind

Our mind and thinking defines our life. This article deals with the power of the human mind.

Poets of the ancient period

Poets of the ancient period of India. Famous tamil poets

Teach Kids to Enjoy Learning

How can parents teach their kids to love and enjoy reading. How parents can kindle the interest of kids in reading. Helpful and Harmful tools in learning.

Organic Rose Gardening

Rose planting has become added and added accepted with rose enthusiasts. Long afore the counterfeit chemicals were invented, rose area flourished from accustomed nutrients already in affluent soil. But, accepting said that, one can access the constancy of their roses additional accumulate your family, pet and wildlife abroad from adverse chemicals aloof by alteration to amoebic rose gardening.

Is there such a thing as Favoritism?

Within the family settings, children often time feel they're loved and treated unequally and unfairly. Is there any truth in this accusation or assumption?

Who is a "Mother"?

In this modern times, who is a "mother"? what are the responsibilities shall a woman perform as a "Mother".


Suicide is to to higher rate these days. Knowing these few tips will help you or your friends from suiciding

Games for Will for the Family Entertainment

My Way Downloads allows you, and your family, to access thousands of games of any genre. Not only that, but they offer you a wide variety of movies and TV Shows as well. There are several different types of memberships available, each of which offers you different levels of unlimited access. No matter what type of family you have, there is a membership for you.

Help from Strangers

Amid the troubles of life that we all face, there are times when complete strangers walk out of nowhere into our lives, making a life-changing contribution that impacts us deeply. Though these are exceptions, but still it has happened to lots of people. I gave some real-life examples of such help to emphasize its role to humanity as a whole in an inhuman World.

The Urge to Earn More for 2020

An Indian Company predicts how things would get much tougher to make ends meet for the average in 2020. It may or may not be accurate, but we all certainly would have to brave out ourselves for tougher times in future financially.

Primary school children also have values

Many times, parents and teachers try to reason with young children why they have not given a pencil to a classmate or why they attacked another, assuming that the child understand them accurately, but is this so?

Keeping Fit with a balanced diet and simple exercise ..

With the present trend of fast food and comfort based living , it is but natural that children become obese at a very young age..

How to Manage Personal and Work Life

There are no pre-defined rules for setting your priorities. Each situation needs to be evaluated separately and the decisions you make need to be made based on the potential outcome(s) that will be a result of your actions. By preplanning, however, you should be able to identify potential conflicts and situations that may arise and then develop contingency plans in advance for dealing with these situations.

Maintaining Relationships Is Tough !

Man is a social being and he needs people around him at every stage of his life. This fact makes it necessary for any individual to have some kind of bonding with other people. One needs to cultivate relationships and maintain them.

Weekly Horoscope health by 10 - 16 January 2011

Weekly Horoscope health by 10 - 16 January 2011

Some tips to stay fit and healthy

This article is all about staying fit and healthy.Many people always fall sick and do not know what to do to stay fit and healthy .This article will be really helpful to all such people.

The Role Of Religion And Festivals In Our Life

There is a lot of joy and hope in these festivities. It is like celebrating and enjoying life itself.It is a good practice to preserve old traditions of family gathering , which is becoming a dying practice in most metros across the world..

Shabby Treatment of the Innocent Relatives of Criminals by Society

It should be taken into account that the relatives of the criminals, who have committed crime in some form or the other, may not be guilty in many cases. Still society singles them out of the crowd for special ill treatment. This malpractice needs to be changed if society is to become a better place for all.

Getting Along with Family Members

There are many ways of getting along with family members. A happy family is where family members get along well together. Here are ways on how to get along with your own family.

Growing up Tips: Doing Your Household Work Well

Doing household work well means all of the following, finishing work properly and promptly without wasting time and energy, sharing in doing the work with the family members in an atmosphere of friendship and cheer.

Don't Feel Guilty Being Just A Housewife !

If you are a housewife, stop feeling guilty and make the most of your status. By taking a keen interest in what you do and by being organised, you can change things for the better besides being proud of what you do.

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