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Help from Strangers

Amid the troubles of life that we all face, there are times when complete strangers walk out of nowhere into our lives, making a life-changing contribution that impacts us deeply. Though these are exceptions, but still it has happened to lots of people. I gave some real-life examples of such help to emphasize its role to humanity as a whole in an inhuman World.

How to change your mood easily ?

Sometimes we may be in a very bad mood and getting into a good mood may be very hard for us . If we stay in the bad mood for more time it may take us into the stage of depression. This article will help you out to know how you can change your mood easily.


Glyphosate is a post-emergence, non-selective, translocated weedicide. It kills the weeds up to the root system. It is a friend of famers as it saves cost of crop cultivation and increases agriculture production.


Friendship is superior, gorgeous and important. A friend is that dependable member you can tell all your secrets; he is that guy that comes in to you when the whole world has walked out on you.

How to Choose a Perfect Mentor or Role Model

The following is a list of some potential people you might consider adopting as a role model or mentor.

How much would you Trust somebody on Internet

Internet is getting murkier by the day and it is becoming very hard to trust somebody on Internet, whether it is about working online, carrying out any monetary transactions or getting into online relationships. So it is time to assess the situation and take a call about our respective positions in terms of those moves.

How to make friends

Friends are for ever.What are the qualities to win friendship?
One should be an extrovert,a good listener,appealing personality and be a gentleman.

How to be Happy while feeling down and Irate

Here are some steps that will help to change your sombre and incensed appearance into a smiling one.

Friendship in Changing times

With the times changing and technological advancements getting into peoples' lives their friendship necessities have also changed. But still many people and specifically the youth are running after increasing their tally of friends without getting to know the real ones.

How to Comfort a Friend Who Losses a Family Member

There are no easy answers, but the following simple steps may all the difference.

Why These Two Girls are So Different?

There are many differences concerning their ambitions, dreams, desires, psychological features, and looks. In fact these two girls are very different, and not only from the physical point of view.

What about your personality? - Part One

Some questions about your type of personality.

How to get back the ex relationship.

Some people had breaking up with the partner for many reason,and even they break up but still in love with and wanted back the relationship again

Acrostic Name for Girls - Anne Lisa, Marianne, Michelle, Nadia

Here are their beautiful names: Anne Lisa, Marianne, Michelle, Nadia
Some thoughs about them.


Many people are strange. Their friends do not understand them.

The Reaction of Some Women Under Certain Circumstances

Women: their emotions and their behaviors.

Touching Story of a Boy Asking for Ice Cream !

It was a very hot day when i saw this young boy of around ten years old trying to buy an ice cream for himself as he was searching for money in his pocket

Friendship Recommendations - Whom to Prevent as Your Friends

There are five types of individuals whom you may mix with but should never take them as your buddies. It''s better to maintain a simple relationship with them reducing it to just “hi, hello” etc; so that they don''t become your competitors and they may sometimes be useful for you. Let''s see who they are:

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