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Mashelkar Report controversy.

Mashelkar Report controversy. The Patents (Amendment) Bill, 2005, introduced in the Parliament in March

How To Improve Quality Education In India

To improve quality education in India Government must form a new Public Private partnership and should form a new educational insurance scheme for all babies.

Rupee has its own Symbol.

Indian rupee had got its own symbol like Dollar, Pound,Yen and Euro.It is a distinguishing mark for Indian rupee.

Hollow Independence

Independence of India was a dream of the freedom fighters, for which they sacrificed their everything, but even after so many years lots of burning issues continue to trouble the Country and the Government seems to be least bothered. So the way out is with the people only.

Natural Parks and Amusement Parks

Natural Parks and Amusement Parks have been common now due to the change in habit of human.To have some relief from his daily tensile life he needs such time sparing methods.


The financial market is being adulterated by copious fake currency notes of five hundred and thousand rupees and the common man has to bear the brunt of it. This article also divulges the concealed truth about how the banks are adding fuel to fire, while the authorities are utterly callous.

Horror of Corporal Punishment in Schools

The issue of Corporal Punishment is of utmost importance as it deals with the posterity of the Country. Horrible incidents are reported with almost alarming frequency in the media from all around the Country. I've tried to discuss the issue in detail and search for solutions.

To earn a salary at insurer

Income is highly dependent on the branch where you are employed. The income from an insurance company is often dependent on a collective agreement.

Best practices in school libraries

Not a matter of substance but of form. A school library may be the trustee of an incredibly large stock of books and other materials of information, but can not find a way that these contents are appreciated, valued and utilized by students at the school, the library have reason to be. Book clubs, competitions, contests and other projects or activities in the library environment can make it become one of the best educational resources of a school. The school library "José García Fernández" Luarc

Prevention of latex allergy in healthcare environment.

Allergy to natural rubber latex has an increased incidence in all developed countries. Currently it is estimated that in Spain there is a 1% of population sensitized to this substance, much higher percentage for identified risk groups.

Kinds of Governments

Explaining the different type of government we had today.

Why People Form Governments

Basic explanation why people form governments.

Cyber Cafe Business in India under Threat

The cyber cafes of India were once a booming business but facing serious challenges in the path of its existence, including several dubious reputations, it is under grave threat at present.

Venice city is sinking

Venice city is sinking in the sea,by the end of 2035 no population will be there in Venice

Crusade of Anna Hazare : Only Hope of India against Corruption

With corruption in an all-time high in India, where scams are tumbling out of the closet of the government with alarming regularity in the recent past the crusade of Anna Hazare - a well-known social activist from Maharashtra - is the only hope of the nation in dealing with this menace.

Killing Fields of Sri Lanka

A video telecast by the reputed British Television station 'Channel 4' recently has sent shockwaves around the world as it exposed horrific 'War Crimes' committed by the Sri Lankan army over minority Tamil civilians and captured LTTE men on a freehand given by the Sri Lankan Government in the final few weeks of the over than quarter of a century long civil war between the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE.

Troubled Nations and Sufferings of the Common People

The common people of a country suffer the most when their own Government turns oppressors or offenders. In the modern world the number of such countries are increasing by the day, which is a real cause of concern.

Price for Raising Voice Against Corruption in India

Corruption in India is in an all-time high and those who are daring to raise their voice of protest against the lawbreakers are being silenced one by one under mysterious circumstances.

Honest Doctors are a Rarity of Present India

Even though the profession of a doctor is held in high regard among society but presently a large crop of utter greedy medical practitioners have brought it down to the level of a highly-profitable business in India. They outnumber the honest and dedicated doctors by some margin and are putting the entire profession of medical practitioning up for the general detests of the common poor people of India.

Population Explosion of India

The population of the world is increasing and India is probably the single major contributor to it at present. Things need to change before it is too late.

At The Brink of World War

A short poem which describes world war as being near, and about how spiritual merits protect from fear

Information on animals and way of protection to animals

In this article, I have given some information about the animals and also mentioned that how to protect wild animals.

Conventional and Unconventional Ways of Protesting

Protesting against any political or non-political entity or body or a controversial decision is nothing new in this world but the world has seen several kinds of protests by now ranging from the conventional ones to the unconventional ones, going to the extent of being bizarre.

Internet Censorship and its manipulation by various Governments

Internet censorship is a debate that has been raging for quite a long time particularly with the rise of objectionable content being posted, but many governments around the world seems primarily interested in removing contents that expose their wrongdoings and criticizes their policies.

Government over Internet

Governments around the world has started taking control and monitoring measures over internet. Its a burning issue now. It has lead to many protests in online and real world.

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