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Bottle Gourd Soup - Tasty, healthy and good for weight loss also.

Bottle Gourd is a waterborne vegetable and very good for digestion and weight loss.

Walking - The Best Exercise To Lead A Healthy Life.

We must be health conscious. Exercises keep our health fit. The best exercise is walking. So walk to the healthy and happy life.

10 Food for Living More

10 Food for Living More

Coffee - Advantages and Disadvantages

Caffeine is a bitter alkaloid substance; generally found in coffee and tea that is responsible for their stimulating effects.
The beverage which contains lot amount of caffeine is "Coffee".

How to control Anger

Anger is one of the main problem that many of us are facing. Anger will make our decisions wrong and also affects our health. Here are some ways to control our Anger.

How to gain weight

Under weight is a major problem as over weight. Many people are suffering of it and want to increase their weight.

How to be in shape during holidays?

Many times many people loose their body shape by putting more weight. This article talks about how can you even stay in shape during holidays.

Chewing food -- very essential for healthy lifestyle.

Chewing food completely is important part of healthy lifestyle. If you are one of busiest people and cutting your meal time, always thinking of how much time it takes for lunch, dinner etc. then you must not be chewing food properly. This article will tell you benefits of chewing food slowly and how important it is for your healthy lifestyle.

Keeping Fit with a balanced diet and simple exercise ..

With the present trend of fast food and comfort based living , it is but natural that children become obese at a very young age..

Grocery Shopping and Weight Loss for Health and Fitness

Weight loss and grocery shopping are related. When your pantry and fridge have healthy ingredients, you can dish out tasty and healthy meals in no time. This article give you interesting tips for counting calories while grocery shopping.

Benefits of Salads

Low on calories but high on health ,salads should be necessarily included as part of our daily diet .The article gives the benefits of salad eating ,along with interesting tips to make them tasty and presentable .

A Matter Of Love, Relationship And Marriage

No relationship can survive without a certain amount of care and concern and of course respect and love.Neglect and disrespect in the long run does affect the very foundation of a relationship

Make a Healthy Tummy by Eating Belly Fat Reducing Foods

Maybe dieting is not giving you the predictable influence that you were hopeful for particularly if it not addressing your belly fat. Act not turn into disheartened, as there is a food that aim belly fat and be able to assist you arrive at your objective.

Make some tasty salads

If one develops a taste for eating salads then one gets addicted to it.One can make excellent tasty salads by combining fruits and vegetables..

Performing a Blood Cleansing Fast

Blood cleansing is typically achieved by reading and following a particular blood cleansing. First you require deciding a suitable instance for a fast. Blood cleansing needs the protection of power, so it isn't an excellent thought to plan serious labor or game actions for the similar week.

Guidelines for Healthy Living

Exercise will make you feel better, improve your health and help you perform at your best every day. Best of all, it is never too late to start. The big question is: How do I do this?

beauty oil

Some useful tips of Olive oil and its use for health and beauty

How to eat healthy without spending a fortune

Well eating healthy is very common, but sometimes you will find that the food is over priced. Well here are a few tips to eat healthy without spending a fortune.

Make Healthy recipes

Sharing a tasty and healthy recipe for making steamed fish with garlic butter sauce that is easy to prepare..

5 Ways to Effectively Treat Colon Related Diseases

According to the Center for malady Control and Prevention (CDC), 142,672 families in the United States were diagnosed with colon cancer importance 2007, out of which 53,219 people died of the disorder.

Houseplants add beauty and personality to a room !

House Plants add more than beauty and personality to a room . They can actually make your home healthier!!

Healthy Choice of Comfort Foods and Foods that Make You Happy

Usually, a day after binging, we feel guilty and wish to work off the excess calories. In such cases, these food choices help to burn the excess calories easily. Moreover, they are good for the health and even improve the mood after eating them. Go ahead and try them the next time while you celebrate or feel low.

The Important Oils you should know

Plants are the basis of essential oils; these oils in plants are the unaffected system.

Positive thinking , the Spring Board for Progress and Success

Positive thinking and achievements go hand in hand. In fact being honest with yourself is the spring board for all progress.

Few Very Important Things to Know About Good Nutrition

In terms of maintaining a healthy diet, this is exactly what every person whoever having difficulties on a diet plan ought to know. You can find 5 essential things that make selecting nutrition - rather than its large calorie choice - a vital section of virtually any diet.

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