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Values Education

Teaching values requires the application of a serious effort, steady and methodical of all of society to achieve the individual training that meets the requirement of being useful, durable and appreciated by the people and the estates as necessary, useful and worthy of be maintained over time.

Primary school children also have values

Many times, parents and teachers try to reason with young children why they have not given a pencil to a classmate or why they attacked another, assuming that the child understand them accurately, but is this so?

Traits of a Good Leader

Good leaders are able to visualize how these talents, ideas, and resources can be used to benefit the society.

What about your personality? - Part One

Some questions about your type of personality.

Four Qualities of Accountability

We are accountable to one another. We are created and live in a society. We are answerable for resulting consequences.

Why Do Children Tell Lies?

A Chinese proverb says, "Children's mouths speak the truth." If you listen to the words that come out of the mouths of babes you will find out that they are too innocent to speak lies. Then why do they say lies when they grow up?

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