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About Java

Java is a purpose object oriented programming language

How to install JDK on Fedora?

The article is about the process of installing Java Development Kit on Fedora using JDK rpm package. The steps were taken on Fedora 12 and errors mentioned are the ones I encountered while installing.

Architectural Marvels Old and New - 2

Most of such buildings which are architectural marvels have many unique and distinguishing features that make them stand out from the rest !

Basics for Java Applet

Java is one of the popular programming languages that is used wolrd
Describes about the creation of java applet programs and explains how to use java applets as web pages.

Starting Java Programming

Java is computer language. It help the user to develop softwares,programs and even games also. It is easy to study this computer language. Sometimes you may see certain title says java games, java apps when you try to download mobile apps from mobile store. That means this app is made with java language. This article is about how to write and run a java program.

Addition of 2 numbers in java program

For starting with Java we need to know 2 things first is how to print a message and how to accept 2 numbers & print there sum. This article is about how to create a program which accept 2 numbers and print there sum.

Use of switch in java programming

Switch is a conditional statement which used to pick a statement if the condition and expression are equal. This article explains about the use and functioning switch along with example.

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