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Break Up and some common reasons why Break up happens.

This is my article bases on relationships . This article talks about Break Up and some common reasons why Break up happens between a couple.

The story of my Love and Gods will in marriage.

This piece talks more of how i met my Gods will in marriage after many years of loving a wrong person,to let us know that only love never determines if someone is suitable for you or not.

How to have a successful marriage

Do's and Dont's for wives/women in marriage. Nowadays, divorce or legal separation is the only solution married couples could think of in case of disputes between them

Wedding Traditions Unveiled

Marriage is two people together and celebrates other people's feelings of special circumstances. But what is it? Strange wedding day, a few of many that have seen a tradition?

Some tips to save a failing marriage

Many times it happen that after some years of marriage the love ends between couple and both start thinking about ending the relation and getting a divorce. This article tells you tips to save a failing marriage.

The legal differences between cohabitation and marriage

Sometimes people do not know so well what's best for them when it comes to legal matters: marriage, a cohabitation agreement or a registered partnership. This article explains the differences

Cohabitation or marriage: Financial implications in a row

Nowadays, more and more people together rather than marry, but there is also a visible increase in the number of couples opting for marriage. The partnership is registered as an intermediate form in strong demand. Each variant has its own financial consequences: example, what is the difference between marriage in community of property or prenuptial agreement? This article describes the differences between the population easily explained.

Women Work and Career After Marriage

Should Women work and have career after marriage? Will a working woman make a better housewife? Is money very important after marriage? This article is about a woman's dilemma regarding career after marriage.

Dealing with a Guy with a Commitment to other Woman

Men with obligation troubles comprise their personal complexes that they present to some women they are with. A female, who hasn't been with a gentleman like this, understands that it's not simple to be with a gentleman like this.

Perfect Hotel Location for Planning Marriage

So you've ensured to obtain marital and as the first pleasure has ebbed gone the certainty of preparation and organizing your vision day washes above you.

Monetary Independence and Respect for Housewife

Mutual respect for one another is very essential for a marriage to survive.There is always the endless debate of being a housewife or a working wife. This article talks about the need to respect and monetary independence for a housewife.

A Matter Of Love, Relationship And Marriage

No relationship can survive without a certain amount of care and concern and of course respect and love.Neglect and disrespect in the long run does affect the very foundation of a relationship

Dishonourable Honour Killings of India

'Honour Killing' is becoming very much notorious in India with the rise in the number of cases in recent times. Though it is mainly prevalent in the Hindu community but there are reports of such killings in other communities as well. It is a social crime that needs to be addressed soon and in a holistic manner.

Beautiful Wedding Bouquet for your Partner

Every bride-to-be dreams of the perfect wedding, they inclination the close gown and the perfect wedding bouquet substantial is wedding etiquette for the bride to hike renounced the isle with a surprising wedding bouquet.

12 Frank Sinatra Quotations

Frank Sinatra: Many people talked about him, but have you listened to what he said? We may agree or disagree, but I do think that it is very interesting. Do you agree?

Who Are You Really?

Many people are irresistible, others are independent, others are inventive. What about you?


What do you think about love?

The Reality Behind Dream Weddings

As the title suggests, this article talks about the realities and the things one has to consider in putting up and bringing into life one's dream wedding.

Keys to a Successful, Healthy, Lasting Relationship

There are several key factors that play a very large role in having a successful, healthy, lasting relationship. Little steps taken each day can add up to huge successes.

11/11/11/11/11/11 Special Greets You All

You are passing through a lucky 11/11/11/11/11/11. This chance is rare and you are fortunate to pass through it in your life time. That makes you special.

A Nostalgic Reminiscence of Summer Vacation

Here is my first attempt towards writing a short story. Do leave back your feedback on it. It is a short story about a girl's nostalgia about summer vacation and travel with her mother.

Is it Still Advisable to get Married Today?

Marriage is something you need to devote your time and attention in order to work; you need to sacrifice some things you used to enjoy so much when you were still single now that you are married.

Health Status of Married Men and Women

Women, as one study concluded are at their best health condition both physically and mentally when they're bachelorettes, or single.

Is Marriage a Beginning or an End?

Romantic love begins with and deep love. It leads to the wedding knot. But most of these wed locks end in serious problems and failure.

Is Love man-made or God-made?

Who decides your life and love? You or God? Here is a short and crisp analysis of this idea.

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