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How To Improve Quality Education In India

To improve quality education in India Government must form a new Public Private partnership and should form a new educational insurance scheme for all babies.

Hollow Independence

Independence of India was a dream of the freedom fighters, for which they sacrificed their everything, but even after so many years lots of burning issues continue to trouble the Country and the Government seems to be least bothered. So the way out is with the people only.

Golden Memories of the 1983 World Cup Triumph

The only win of a World Cup Cricket Tournament by the Indian Cricket team was the Prudential World Cup in 1983. Even after twenty-seven long years we still cherish those memories when India stunned the World by doing the unthinkable. This article has tried to relive that magical Tournament once again.

Chances of Teams of Winning the ICC 2011 World Cup

With days remaining in the commencement of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 this is a rough analysis of the chances of the potential contenders of lifting the coveted trophy and a few other so called big teams as well.

Kinds of Governments

Explaining the different type of government we had today.

Reckless and Drunken Driving Puts Many Ordinary lives At Risk in India

The records say that more road accidental deaths happen in India than anywhere else. Reckless driving is a major contributor to this grim situation and drunken driving only makes matter worse. So life on the roads is fraught with danger for ordinary pedestrians and bicycle riders.

Troubles faced by Indians and others in Foreign Lands

Many Indians as well as people from other nations go abroad in various nations to study or pursue their careers or for high paid jobs and face great difficulties amid troublesome situations or circumstances or as just pure victims to crime of some form. Some of the troubles are too tough at times to bear.

Abdul Sattar Edhi: The Humanitarian From Pakistan

Abdul Sattar Edhi is a philanthropist from Pakistan who has made caring for the poor, the ailing and the oppressed his life's mission. He is an inspirational figure for many good people.

Crusade of Anna Hazare : Only Hope of India against Corruption

With corruption in an all-time high in India, where scams are tumbling out of the closet of the government with alarming regularity in the recent past the crusade of Anna Hazare - a well-known social activist from Maharashtra - is the only hope of the nation in dealing with this menace.

Killing Fields of Sri Lanka

A video telecast by the reputed British Television station 'Channel 4' recently has sent shockwaves around the world as it exposed horrific 'War Crimes' committed by the Sri Lankan army over minority Tamil civilians and captured LTTE men on a freehand given by the Sri Lankan Government in the final few weeks of the over than quarter of a century long civil war between the Sri Lankan army and the LTTE.

Troubled Nations and Sufferings of the Common People

The common people of a country suffer the most when their own Government turns oppressors or offenders. In the modern world the number of such countries are increasing by the day, which is a real cause of concern.

Misconceptions about Sex in Indian Society and its Fallout

In the Indian society sex is viewed with indignation and stigma rather than a normal thing and hence lots of prejudices and misconceptions are created out of it. All of these lead the way for exploitation of the vulnerable sections of society and scores of issues generate out of it. It is high time some changes are made to this kind of dogmatic, parochial and ignorant mindset.

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